Book Review: The Baby & the Bride by: Laura Barnard

Rating: 5/5


Publication Date: February 20, 2014

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Synopsis: Poppy and Jazz’s lives sound perfect on paper. Jazz has a new baby and Poppy’s getting married. But their realities are very different.

Poppy must strive to keep her cool new job with crazy hours, while trying to keep Ryan happy. Before she knows it her wedding has got out of control, thanks to her mother, the runners at work are bullying her, her parents are in financial difficulty and she’s doubting everything and everyone she ever knew.

Meanwhile Jazz is struggling with motherhood, something a credit card won’t fix. Why won’t this baby give her a break? Will Jazz be able to cope before she loses it?

And will Poppy make it down the aisle? Will Ryan even be waiting?

Series: The Debt & the Doormat (1), The Baby & the Bride (2)

Review: Best friends Poppy and Jazz seem to have it all down pat. Jazz has just had a beautiful baby girl, Jemima, and Poppy’s newly engaged. Yet everything is not so simple or happy. Jazz’s baby-daddy is a jerk and Poppy’s new job is a hassle. In addition, Jazz is going through post-partum depression and Poppy’s lost control over her wedding to her mother and aunt. Will Jazz and Poppy be able to get everything under control before it explodes??

I absolutely loved THE BABY & THE BRIDE! There is just something side-stitchingly funny about British humor, even in the face of terrible events. I felt bad for both Poppy and Jazz – Poppy’s self-esteem is going down the drain and Jazz’s out of her mind trying to take care of baby Jemima all by herself. The absolute hilarity about the wedding plans and the three-ring circus Poppy’s mom is turning it into seems so over the top, but it definitely happens. I really liked learning more about Ryan’s family and getting in depth with some of the other secondary characters from the first book, THE DEBT & THE DOORMAT. The author’s writing is snappy and really clicks with readers. THE BABY & THE BRIDE is an excellent book and I hope we see more of Jazz and Poppy in the future!

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