Book Review: Rogue Hunter: Life Force by: Kevis Hendrickson

Rating: 4/5

Publication Date: February 14, 2014

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Synopsis: With this exciting third entry, the Rogue Hunter series sheds its skin and gives us an intimate look into the life of the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy…


While resting at Space Station Phoenix, Zyra Zanr comes down with a mysterious sickness. She meets Ryan Grant, the station doctor. Fearing that she is dying of a terminal disease, Zyra turns to Ryan for support. But things spiral out of control and their budding friendship explodes into a full-blown romance.

Their tryst inflames the wrath of Ryan's jealous wife, ultimately leading to betrayal and murder. Even as her health worsens, Zyra's uncontrollable desire for Ryan takes her down a dark path of unbridled sensuality that threatens the destruction of her very soul.

LIFE FORCE is the most powerful Rogue Hunter novel yet. Kevis Hendrickson has taken the series to a whole new level.

Series: Gaia (0), Inquest (1), Dark Space (2), Life Force (3), Longshot (4), Death Moon (5), Alliance (6)

Review: After all Zyra’s been through she needs to take some time to recuperate and get her ship fixed. She’s on Space Station Phoenix and is forced to go to the station doctor due to a mysterious illness. Dr. Ryan Grant is a very unusual physician and researcher, searching for the holy grail of science. Zyra’s also up for some R&R and isn’t always discriminating in her partners. Starting a relationship with Ryan may cost Zyra more than she ever realized…

Note to readers: This book has explicit/graphic scenes of sex and violence, please read at your own risk.

ROGUE HUNTER: LIFE FORCE seems like a glimpse into Zyra’s past through her present. While she has all this untold potential and definite badass-itude, she’s very fragile, too. I definitely wanted to shake Zyra so badly during the story due to some of her choices. However, I can see where telling this particular story is important in understanding Zyra and her destiny. ROGUE HUNTER: LIFE FORCE is a compelling and oft-times disturbing story – definitely enjoyed it!

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