Book Review: Lest Camelot Fall by: Danny Adams

Rating: 5/5

Publisher: Musa Publishing

Publication Date: January 16, 2014

Origins:  From Author for Review

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Synopsis: Millions of people around the world know the legend of King Arthur, but the stories always end with Arthur’s death and never reveal what happened to the surviving Knights of the Round Table—or Camelot itself. Lest Camelot Fall begins with Arthur’s death and tells of the survivors’ struggle to keep Camelot’s flame of freedom burning against the darkness both of Saxon invaders and native British would-be tyrants. 

Lucian Aurelianus is a descendant of Roman emperors and British kings alike, as well as being Arthur’s cousin. He receives an urgent summons to Camelot from Merlin only to arrive after the slaughter of the Battle of Camlann, in time to see Arthur’s body taken away to Avalon. Soon afterward Lucian’s brother, Constantine, claims the right to be High King of Britain—and exiles anyone who challenges him, including the surviving Knights. At the same time, the sons of Arthur’s nephew and mortal enemy, Modred, have joined forces with the Saxons, along with soldiers from a reborn Roman Empire with designs on Britain, for a final attack against Camelot. 

Lucian decides he must stay to help Merlin and the Knights—and his increasingly despotic brother—if anything of Arthur’s dream is to survive. Ultimately he will do whatever it takes to keep Camelot alive, even when that means challenging the armies of southern Britain, enduring Saxon slavery, and the possibility of taking what is left of Camelot and leaving Britain behind forever.

Review: LEST CAMELOT FALL takes up right after King Arthur’s death at the battle of Camlann. Now the Knights of the Round Table no longer have their leader and Constantine Aurelianus, cousin to Arthur has decided to crown himself High King. Merlin has summoned Lucian Aurelianus, Constantine’s brother, to Camlann as he believes Lucian can help keep the spirit of Camelot alive. As Constantine descends into despotism, Lucian and his ragtag band of warriors must do whatever it takes to save Britain from its enemies – foreign and domestic.

LEST CAMELOT FALL is one of the few books I’ve found which starts after King Arthur’s death. I was drawn into the characters first, as they were each striking in their own way. I enjoyed how it was explained that The Merlin is truly a titular office and not just one person. Lucian endures much and through the crucible, he emerges strong enough to realize his own destiny. LEST CAMELOT FALL is a stunning story, which stayed true to the underlying message and meaning of Camelot itself.

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