Book Review: Don't Forget Me by: Sia Wales

Rating: 3/5

Publication Date: December 1, 2013

Origins:  From Author for Review

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Synopsis: Stella Whitely, an unassuming but incredibly alluring small-town girl, has never forgotten Jason Rees, her ex-boyfriend who inexplicably vanished from her life a year earlier. But a chance meeting with Donn Brooks, a sophisticated, good-looking, powerful businessman makes her head spin with darkly erotic thoughts. When he turns up as a guest lecturer at her university the following day, she wonders if their encounter was purely coincidental. Hardly the fairytale romantic type, his sensual pleasures take unexpected forms, but falling in love with a vampire with an agenda could be more dangerous than it seems. Especially one with a mysterious past, needs that are very much in the present and a future that he wants to share with Stella… at any cost. He will take her on a rollercoaster ride in her attempts to unearth his unexpected, tormented secrets. 

Jason, though, is back on the scene and determined to win Stella back. He will go through hell and high water to save the only girl he has ever loved, but the risks involved could not only doom him to failure, but change Stella’s destiny. 

The brooding, beguiling Vuk Wolf is a rebel with a cause: to win his best friend Stella’s heart and free her from the clutches of anyone trying to harm her; but there is more to him that meets the eye… On the night of the full moon, his animal instincts risk endangering Stella’s life, while his jealousy over her relationship with Donn puts their friendship in serious jeopardy. Will Stella ever be able to forgive him for his actions? 

Set in Boston one rainy, evocative fall, Don’t Forget Me is a riveting, sensual story with erotic twists and melancholy turns. The enigmas of this compelling tale, with its star-crossed lovers and supernatural heroes and villains, will only be revealed at the end of the saga…

Review: Stella Whitely isn’t a very interesting girl; she goes to university and works at a bar. Yet she has all these guys chasing after her for reasons she doesn’t understand. There’s Vuk (a werewolf), Mr. Donn Brooks (a vampire), Jason (her ex-boyfriend), and a few others. Some want in her pants, some want her love, and some just want her for leverage. There are hidden agendas, jealousy, and tons of sexual tension. DON’T FORGET ME felt disjointed to me. Readers don’t learn why certain people/groups want Stella until about 2/3 into the story. For the most part Stella is buffeted from man to man, seemingly unable to make a decision about what or who she wants as she’s not given any of the information she needs. It feels sometimes as if the story is drawn out in order to make it more than one book. I can see DON’T FORGET ME appealing to fans of sensual romance with supernatural elements.

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