Book Review: Blood and Fire by: Tori L. Ridgewood

Rating: 4/5

Publisher: Melange Books

Publication Date: February 11, 2014

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Synopsis: What chance does one witch have against five vampires? Alone, not much. But Rayvin’s allies are gathering... 

The battle between good and evil supernatural forces heats up in the long, cold November nights of the former mining town. But how will Rayvin’s motley crew of spellcasters and shapeshifters cope when they discover the threat they face is even greater than they imagined?

Series: Mist and Midnight (0.5), Wind and Shadow (1), Blood and Fire (2)

Review: Witch Rayvin Woods is the lover of the ancient vampire Malcolm De Sade, who wants to breed with a witch in order to create a new breed of vampire hybrid. Rayvin’s friends and her home town are overrun by De Sade’s people. Rayvin only went with De Sade to save the man she loves from a fate worse than death. In BLOOD AND FIRE, Rayvin is trying to subtly get away from De Sade, but she is thwarted at every turn. She’s sent out a cry for help, hoping that anyone who shows up will not be too late. I enjoyed the new characters in BLOOD AND FIRE as well as the interplay between Grant and his new mentor. Rayvin’s dominant personality has been submerged some by the events in WIND AND SHADOW and BLOOD AND FIRE, so I hope we see a resurgence of it in the final book. It is good to see that Rayvin’s not alone in her fight against the vampires and I hope we learn more about these new characters. Maybe they’ll get their own novellas. BLOOD AND FIRE is wicked hot, but you should definitely read WIND AND SHADOW first as BLOOD AND FIRE jumps right into the action!

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