Book Review: Till Death and Beyond by: Lyn C. Johanson

Rating: 4/5

Publisher: Lyn C. Johanson

Publication Date: December 14, 2013

Origins:  From Author for Review

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Synopsis: Till Death and Beyond is a sizzling tale of two souls bound by destiny in a cruel plot to separate them forever...


Amira is the strongest witch on the face of the earth, with psychic abilities no others possess. And yet, she is but a slave to the whims of the gods. Forced to be born anew every time she fails in fulfilling an ancient prophecy, Amira is desperate to break the vicious cycle.


Plagued by the memories and guilt over his family’s demise, Raven lives for the sole reason of restoring his younger brother. And kidnapping a witch is only the beginning—for he intends to right the wrongs of his past by any means necessary.


While the gods might have planned for her to be captured, surrender is not something that comes easy to Amira. Yet one glance into her captor’s eyes, and she is swept away by emotions long ago denied to her. She decides to play along. For a while.

Despite the hatred Raven harbors for their kind, he is intrigued by the witch. One taste of her lips, and she becomes his obsession. Soon, he discovers that fighting against the passion they ignite in one another is futile. But as they strip each other’s secrets, a powerful force threatens to destroy them both.

For in this game of gods nothing is simple—the whole universe seems to conspire against them. And no matter how fiercely they fight, or what they are willing to endure to save each other ... the path they travel is paved with loss.

Will they survive the ultimate test, if even their determination—to fight till death—might not be enough?

Series: Till Death and Beyond (1)

Review: Reincarnated many times over, Amira is the most powerful witch on the planet at this time. Amira remembers her past lives and despairs about perhaps not fulfilling the ancient prophecy in this lifetime. Buffeted by the gods’ whims and a slave to the prophecy, Amira grows desperate to break the cycle just to have some peace. When she is kidnapped by Raven, who wants nothing more than to fix his brother by finding the witch who cursed him, Amira is not sure what is in store for her. Yet neither Raven nor Amira is prepared for the flood of emotions stirred up when they are together. Can they overcome prejudices and perhaps change their destinies once and for all?

TILL DEATH AND BEYOND is a paranormal romance with an ancient prophecy at the heart of the story. Forced together by the manipulations of the gods, Amira and Raven try desperately to fight their attraction. Even though witches are hated and feared (for good reason), Amira takes steps to show Raven’s village that she is not like other witches. As her fate comes bearing down upon her, Amira and Raven are sorely tested again and again. TILL DEATH AND BEYOND shows how much love can overcome adversity. I was intrigued by the unique world the author created and fell fast into the story, caught up in the action, intrigue, and romance. I can't wait until the next book!

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