Book Review: Tales from Rugosa Coven by: Sarah Avery

Rating: 5/5

Publisher: Dark Quest, LLC

Publication Date: December 21, 2013

Origins:  From Publisher for Review

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Synopsis: Let a Little Magic into Your Life

In Tales from Rugosa Coven, catch a glimpse of a New Jersey even weirder than the one you think you know, as a covenful of very modern Wiccans wrestle challenges both supernatural and mundane-and, occasionally, each other.

The personal injury attorney who chose kitchen-witchery over his family's five-generation lineage of old school ceremonial magic would like to miss his dead parents, only now that they're dead they won't leave him alone. The professional fortuneteller stands out at forty paces, with her profusion of silver amulets glittering over her Goth wardrobe, but nobody has guessed her secret sorrow, especially not the covenmates who see her as their wacky comic relief. And the resident skeptic, a reluctant Pagan if ever there was one, will have to eat her words if her coven sister's new boyfriend really does turn out to be from Atlantis.

The Jersey Shore's half-hidden community of Witches, Druids, and latter-day Vikings must circle together against all challenges. It's a good thing they're as resilient as the wild rugosa roses that hold together the dunes.

Review: TALES FROM RUGOSA COVEN contains three related novellas about the members of the Rugosa Coven in New Jersey. I loved the covenmates’ very diverse personalities, their individual strengths and weaknesses, and the fact that no matter what they’re still a family. The setting is wonderfully detailed and accurate, the spirituality is handled very well (and accurately), and the stories are filled with events and people you’d recognize from your own life in some way. Ms. Avery has a natural gift for storytelling and I do hope there are more stories from the Rugosa Coven in the future. TALES FROM RUGOSA COVEN will touch your heart and tickle your funny bone!

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