Book Review: Shutter Speed by: Mark Taylor

Rating: 4/5

Publisher: Nocturnal Press Publications

Publication Date: December 18, 2013

Origins:  From Author for Review

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Synopsis: Jimmy Tasker is an ordinary child. He loves to take pictures: has an eye for it. When some common bullies take things too far, Jimmy ends up burned… and different. It starts when his father is killed in a mysterious house fire. Him and his mother move away… change names… disappear. 

Some years later a group of friends are finding it tough. They are unemployed, short of cash, and one of them comes up with a great idea. A robbery. But they are a rag-tag bunch, and Steve declines, leaving the other three, a misogynist, an addict, and poor, easily led Peter, to pull off the ‘robbery of the century’. 

But Jimmy is still in there, somewhere… 

… and he’s killing for fun.

Review: Jimmy Tasker would much rather be out taking photographs than be anywhere near his abusive father. When he ducks out on chores to take pictures of an old building, he’s found by some bullies who take things a bit too far when trying to scare him. Burned, scared, and somehow different, Jimmy is nursed back to health and it doesn’t take long for his father to start up his old ways. When his father dies in a mysterious fire, Jimmy and his mother move far away and take new identities. No matter his new name, the damaged Jimmy still lingers and is given a mighty reason to come roaring back.

SHUTTER SPEED is a very sneaky story. It worms its way into your psyche and latches on as you watch the events unfold. Except in the beginning, you don’t see much of Jimmy Tasker. We learn about his childhood and then he disappears. We’re then introduced to a group of four friends, known as The Boys, who haven’t grown up much. They don’t work, are perpetually broke, and smoke dope on the regular. It’s when they plan a robbery their fates take a turn for the worse. SHUTTER SPEED is a deceptively enthralling horror novel with an interesting twist at the end.

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