Book Review: A Perfect Victim by: Patricia Dusenbury

Rating: 5/5

Publisher: Uncial Press

Publication Date: July 12, 2013

Origins:  From Author for Review

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Synopsis: Claire’s world crumbled when her husband died in a fire. She’s trying to build a new life - and a business restoring historic houses. Then one of her clients is found dead in a burned building. The police suspect her of arson or murder, maybe both.

It’s her own fault. Finding the charred cabin in a remote corner of Louisiana’s bayou country revived horrible memories of her husband's death. She suffered a panic attack. Calling the sheriff hours later wasn't good enough.Worse, no one believes Claire's relationship with the late Frank Palmer was strictly business. After all, he spent his final days telling the world they were in love and planning to marry. 

How do you win an argument with a dead man?

Claire's quest to prove her innocence before the police “prove” her guilt becomes an investigation into the victim's life. It takes her back in time, from New Orleans to rural Alabama, to the high country of New Mexico, where she comes face to face with the real killer. Forced to fight for her life, she realizes how much she wants to live.

Review: Claire Marshall is working on rebuilding her life after her husband’s death. She owns a company which restores historic or older homes and is a workaholic. Frank Palmer is one of their newer clients and Claire needs to get a hold of him regarding some financial issues. Yet when she calls around, his friends and associates seem to be under the impression they were going to get married. Trying to get to the bottom of this, Claire travels out to his cabin and gets a nasty surprise. Now she’s a murder suspect and it’s up to her to follow the clues to the truth before she’s arrested. What’s worse…in tracking the truth she comes up against the real killer and she may not make it back alive. A PERFECT VICTIM is an engrossing mystery with twists and turns along the route to the truth. I liked Claire and I think her dogged determination is a testament to her character. She’s willing to follow the trail to the bitter and disturbing end, even with the personal risk to herself. Complex characters come to life in this suspenseful mystery and you’ll find yourself rooting out loud for Claire. I enjoyed A PERFECT VICTIM and would highly recommend it!

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  1. I second your opinion about "The Perfect Victim"! One thing that really made this book stand out for me is how real the setting seems. I've never been in the parts of the country where these scenes take place, but even many months after I read the book I can still see and feel it all.


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