Book Review: The Bloodline Prophecy ~ Acceptance ~ by: Shelby Everdale

Rating: 3/5

Publisher: Shelby Everdale

Publication Date: December 13, 2013

Origins:  From Author for Review

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Synopsis: ~ Acceptance ~ is Book 1 in The Bloodline Prophecy series

What if your soul mate turned out to be a vampire? 
What if your soul mate knew about you before you were born? 
What if the life you thought you were living was the way it would always be?
What if you find out the truth of your soul mate and can't deal with who or what he is?

Viviana is a human who was going through life just fine. Then she met a man she was drawn to and couldn't stay away from. She has to accept her new reality that vampires are real and she is the soulmate of one. 

Sebastian is a vampire who was ready to die until he fed upon someone and got an unexpected glimpse of his future. What he sees gives him hope.

Review: ACCEPTANCE is the first book in The Bloodline Prophecy series. Sebastian is a vampire who has waiting a very long time to be with his soulmate and can wait no longer. Viviana is a procurer of art – paintings, sculpture, etc. She’s in her twenties, but is looking for an adult relationship. She’s tired of the guys at the clubs and bars, but she goes along with her best friend to a new club. There she meets Sebastian and is instantly drawn to him. They get to know each other, but when Sebastian reveals his deep, dark secret Viviana needs time and space to process this new information. Yet they can’t be parted for long. I liked the fact that ACCEPTANCE had a more realistic timeline for events. The sex was super-hot – definitely a perk. I enjoyed Sebastian’s personality and his view on life. Viviana didn’t really stand out to me character-wise, but I do believe there is someone for everyone. I did feel like the ending was rushed and abrupt to entice readers to read part two of the series. Overall, ACCEPTANCE is a good book for those who love the “sexy vampire” genre with a bit of intrigue!

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