Book Review: Autumn Moon by: C.I. Kemp

Rating: 4/5

Publisher: Taliesin Publishing

Publication Date: January 1, 2014

Origins:  From Author for Review

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Synopsis: Five hundred years ago: In a remote wooded area, the victim of a hideous atrocity vowed that there would come retribution. Death would not be forever. In years to come, the horror would resurface. 

Today: Homestead, Montana, is a nice, quiet town, At least, it was until the wolves came. 

Nielsen Johns is a naturalist and expert on wolves. He is at a loss to explain their presence and their actions, and suspects something sinister is about to unfold. When some people start changing and others start dying, Niels’s worst fears are realized. 

At the same time, Annette Highlander, the woman Niels loves, is wrestling with events from her own shadowy past. Annette is a single mom, trying to make a new life for herself and her two children. This might not be so easy, however, since she has enemies in Homestead. One is a callous blackmailer who knows of her history and has no hesitation about using it to achieve his own ends. The other is a ruthless psychotic who will stop at nothing to see Annette and her children dead. 

Homestead is about to be plunged into a wave of horrific violence. Only Niels stands between the oncoming terror and his home town. He must uncover the secret behind the wolves, while protecting Annette and her family from the dangers that threaten them. 

Autumn Moon is the story of a town in which things are not what they appear to be - where wolves think and plan like humans; where humans stalk and kill like beasts.

Review: Homestead, Montana is a wonderful town, where everyone knows their neighbors and is, for the most part, friendly and welcoming. Until the wolves came. At first, the wolves were just silent observers, but when people start dying, panic ensues. Niels Johns, a naturalist, tries to calm the town with his knowledge of wolves and their behavior, but it doesn’t work. Then he realizes there is something much more sinister happening in town. Annette Highlander feels a connection to the wolves and is fighting for the town to leave them alone. Yet there is a centuries old curse which has come full circle on the inhabitants of Homestead and it will stop at nothing to destroy Annette, her children, and anyone who stands in its way. AUTUMN MOON is an intriguing story of an ancient curse come back to life in a small town. I really liked Niels and Annette, their characters separately and their relationship with one another. The action was great and I liked the perspective from different characters, plus the flashback to how the curse originated. AUTUMN MOON is definitely not your ordinary wolf story!

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