Book Review: This Way To Paradise by: D. Bruce Foster

Rating: 5/5

Publisher: Macdougall Press, LLC

Publication Date: December 9, 2013

Origins:  From Author for Review

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Synopsis: On a horse farm in the steeplechase country of Maryland's My Lady's Manor, ER physician Alex Randolph and his girlfriend, Penny Murray, are recovering from injuries sustained in a hospital hostage incident that transforms them into instant but unwilling national celebrities. 

A thousand miles distant-in a parallel universe-an abused and impoverished young girl from the Everglades evolves into a stunningly beautiful sociopath of enormous wealth. 

As a golden summer transitions to fall, dark obsession stalks the unknowing young couple, and fate inexorably leads three lives to collision, sweeping the idyllic landscape of My Lady's Manor with terror and death.

Series: Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (1), This Way To Paradise (2)

Review: THIS WAY TO PARADISE brings back Alex Randolph and Penny Murray, the protagonists of KISS TOMORROW GOODBYE. Alex is an ER physician, Penny is an ER nurse, and they’re both trying to recover from their previous exploits. The novel twists together a malpractice trial, Alex and Penny’s growing relationship, and a very evil woman bent on getting her own way. At first, Mary Anne Hampton is shown as a sympathetic character, but we quickly learn the rotten core living within the beautiful exterior. The author takes us on a wild ride through both the rigors of emergency medicine and the labyrinthine mind of a sociopath. Set in beautiful rural Baltimore County, Maryland, THIS WAY TO PARADISE is a dark and complex novel written in changing voices, which will quickly draw you into its wicked web.

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