Book Review: Secret of the Phoon by: Corinne Foster

Rating: 4/5

Publisher: Corinne Foster

Publication Date: November 27, 2013

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Synopsis: Faced with certain death, Avira has to protect herself by summoning the Phoon, a long-secret and deadly supernatural force. Can she keep the Phoon safe from the two opposing powers who now race to challenge her for it, and when will she realize that the bigger threat lies from within her own community of outcast girls?

Review: Avira is the leader of The Unloved and the lone summoner of the Phoon, a supernatural force which wreaks devastation to their enemies. The Unloved are a group of young girls and women who did not fit into “normal” society and have found a home among others like themselves. They’re taught skills from fighting to sewing and everything in between. Not many leave Domina, their house, but some do in order to find their place in life. Avira’s secret heir, Shastia, has decided she will leave with a man she met dancing in the tavern the girls visit. Shastia burns for a place of power and respect, yet she is too immature to realize the damage she causes. Now as two opposing factions race to secure the power of the Phoon for themselves, Avira must rise to their challenge and gird herself against betrayal from within.

SECRET OF THE PHOON is a captivating novel of magic, mystery, and might. I was very drawn to Avira’s character and her ability to make the appropriate decisions as leader, regardless of her personal feelings. Shastia was a spoiled brat, longing for a power which was not hers to command and respect she did not earn. I was intrigued by The Unloved and they reminded me of the Free Amazons in Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Darkover series. The Phoon were the most mysterious of all, and I was honestly glad they weren’t explained in any detail because it granted a haunting quality to the story when they appeared. The feminine strength and power of The Unloved shone through without being overbearing, which I really liked. SECRET OF THE PHOON is fascinating tale which will appeal to readers of MZB and Mercedes Lackey.

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