Book Review: Rise Again: Below Zero by: Ben Tripp

Rating: 4/5

Publisher: Gallery Books

Publication Date: December 17, 2013

Origins:  From Publisher for Review

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Synopsis: Billions died and rose again, hungry for human flesh. When the nightmare reached Sheriff Danielle Adelman’s small mountain community of Forest Peak, California, it was too late for warnings . . . forcing her to lead a small group of survivors out of hell, all the while seeking her estranged runaway sister at any cost. 

Two years later, the undead have evolved. Now, besides the shambling, mindless cannibals are the hunters—cunning and fast, like wolves—and the thinkers, whose shocking intelligence and single-minded predatory obsession may mean the downfall of what’s left of humanity. As Danny leads a ragtag band of the living through the remnants of the American Midwest, rumors arise of a safe place somewhere east. But the closer they get to it, the more certain Danny becomes that something evil waits for them at the end of the line. With an unspeakable secret riding beside her and an unbreakable promise made to a small, silent boy, Danny must stake everything she has—her leadership, her sanity, and her life— in order to defeat the ultimate horror in a terrifying and dying world.

Series: Rise Again (1), Rise Again: Below Zero (2)

Review: Sheriff Danielle (Danny) Adelman leads The Tribe, a group of survivors of the zombie plague. There are now three types of ‘zeros’: moaners, hunters, and thinkers…so even the dead evolve. The Tribe starts to hear stories about a safe place for kids in the Midwest, but Danny’s not so sure because sometimes things are too good to be true. As much as she didn’t want to be, Danny’s right and there is an unthinkable evil lurking in Happy Town. She must risk everything to stop this evil before it wipes out all remains of humanity on Earth.

RISE AGAIN: BELOW ZERO is the sequel to RISE AGAIN, which I haven’t read. However, it didn’t seem to be an impediment to my understanding and the entertainment of this book. I really liked Danny and I still had a lot of respect for her by the end of the book, even if I didn’t like some of her decisions. However, she had a lot of people to look out for and you’re never going to please everyone all of the time. The thought of zombie evolution (aside from zombies in general!) was disturbing and highly creepy, which made for a great plot device. Reading as a stand-alone, I enjoyed RISE AGAIN: BELOW ZERO and how well the author was able to creep beneath my skin.

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