Book Review: Just One Night by: Kyra Davis

Rating: 2/5

Publisher: Gallery Books

Publication Date: December 31, 2013

Origins:  From Publisher for Review

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Synopsis: Kasie Fitzgerald knows who she’s supposed to be. She’s a rising-star-workaholic at a global consulting firm. She’s the fiancée of a well-connected man who’s won the approval of her parents. People know that she’s reliable, serious, proper, cautious, pragmatic, and yes, a little predictable. She’s who Dave and her family want her to be.

But as her thirtieth birthday looms, buried feelings begin to resurrect. Her friend takes her to Vegas for one last wild and crazy night. In a dress much shorter and sexier than anything she has ever dared to wear before, she hits the blackjack tables. And meets him. Under the tailored clothes it’s clear that this is a man who is intense, powerful, and maybe even a little dangerous. With a touch of trepidation she accepts his invitation to get a drink, and before long, she’s in his hotel room.

She never gets his full name. Perhaps his anonymity is one of the reasons she’s able to give herself over to him and to the moment so completely. Perhaps it’s why she’s just had the most exquisite and passionate sex of her life. Shaken by her own behavior, Kasie tries to chalk it up to one crazy night. But when the mysterious gentleman she’s just had a fling with shows up in her office—as the CEO of a firm her company does a billion dollars of business with a year, demanding that she handle his account, and so much more—things will never be the same again. And there’s no telling where this will go…

Review: Kasie Fitzgerald is a woman who knows who she’s supposed to be – to everyone else but herself. She’s an overachiever, workaholic, and all-around ‘good girl’. She behaves in this fashion because she’s trying to be everything her sister wasn’t and to make her family and boyfriend proud of her. When you bottle something up so tightly and put the contents under pressure, something will have to give. So when Kasie and her best friend go to Vegas, she tries something a little different…a one night stand. Or so she thought. But when Robert Dade shows up at her workplace and wants her to be his account manager, Kasie is in for a lot more than she bargained for…

JUST ONE NIGHT is the collected edition of a trilogy of erotic e-novellas: The Stranger, Exposed, and Binding Agreement. To point out what may not be an obvious fact: JUST ONE NIGHT has explicit sex scenes and is intended for mature audiences only. In the deluge of the erotic dominance books, JUST ONE NIGHT doesn’t really stand out for me. I got really tired of Kasie using everyone else as an excuse not to go after what she really wants in life. I didn’t think it was anywhere near okay for her boring boyfriend/fiancé, Dave, to call Kasie names and treat her like dirt because she made a “mistake”. The fact she took his abuse definitely didn’t win Kasie any points in my book. Robert Dade always seemed to be on the cusp of “Alpha”, but he put up with a lot of wishy-washy from Kasie which made her too much work from my point of view. Sure, the sex is hot, but I couldn't get into the characters at all. I really wish Kasie could have realized her true self and confidence without having to rely on anyone else for direction or happiness. As an author, I think Kyra Davis has a lot of talent; I just couldn't connect to Kasie’s story in JUST ONE NIGHT.

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