Book Review: Just Beneath the Surface II: Landon's Story by: R.H. Ramsey

Rating: 4/5

Publisher: Inknbeans Press

Publication Date: November 27, 2013

Origins:  From Author for Review

Book Links:  Amazon / Barnes & Noble

Synopsis: Landon seems like the perfect man, handsome, charming, generous, with the right words for every occasion .. like a robot. And like a robot, he has learned to control everything from his memories, to his smile, to the tone of his voice. Seven is a wayward beauty whose temper, harsh tongue and violent tendencies often get her into trouble. After meeting Landon, Seven finds her way into unchartered territory: his heart. Soon, Seven’s perception of herself is challenged. She is frequently urged to step away and reevaluate herself, as the handsome young man, who is wise beyond his years, gently coaches her into finding her best self. 

As secrets are revealed, and an unspoken bond is formed, Landon and Seven grow to be inseparable. But what happens when the horrors of the past bring Landon full circle? As his soft, stoic surface is pierced by paranoia, Landon's entire world is threatened by the recurring nightmare he thought he had left behind. 

Review: Seven is a girl whose exotic beauty and harsh attitude attracts all the wrong men. Landon is a man in control of himself and his world, almost robotic in his approach to life. They both have repeated the same patterns of behavior over and over with no difference in result. When they find each other, it seems like a way for them both to start over. Yet is it ever really that easy…?

JUST BENEATH THE SURFACE II: LANDON'S STORY deals with some very disturbing situations told in a haunting voice. I didn’t like Seven and I didn’t like Landon, but they were very compelling and complex characters. Issues of identity, abuse, and control have wound their way through Seven and Landon’s lives from an early age. They are two people who are severely damaged, but don’t know how to escape the cycle. Seven shows all her flaws, while Landon takes great pains to keep his under wraps. The author is able to show the gritty truth beneath the lies in a way which makes the very unlikable characters sympathetic to readers. JUST BENEATH THE SURFACE II: LANDON’S STORY will evoke very strong feelings in each reader, which is the sign of a great story.

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