Book Feature: Giving Myself Away by: Grete DeAngelo

Publisher: Panoptic Books (an imprint of Assent Publishing)

Publication Date: October 23, 2013

Book Links:  Amazon / Barnes & Noble

Synopsis: In Giving Myself Away, divorced mother Adrienne Manning is devastated to find out she’s pregnant after messing around with a guy who’s clearly not boyfriend material.

He’s a lonely mortician with a spiteful daughter, and things just happened late one night after a funeral. When Adrienne meets George Freihoffer in a coffee shop to tell him the news, he asks her to get married and promises to take care of her.

Adrienne hasn’t been single long and she doesn’t trust men so easily after Drew, her high school sweetheart turned husband, left her for a perky soccer mom. 

Adrienne and Drew’s two sons don’t like spending weekends with their dad and his new wife, who has three wild boys of her own.  They are confused about why Adrienne plans to give up the new baby and they worry she’ll get rid of them too.

Adrienne gives George an ultimatum:  agree to the adoption or she won’t talk to him anymore.  He accepts, but in the meantime, drifts into a relationship with Carolyn, a woman Adrienne initially set him up with to get him off her back.  Adrienne realizes when he’s gone that although she might not have been madly in love with him, George was a good friend and she misses having him around.  Being alone causes Adrienne to second-guess her decision about the baby.

Giving Myself Away grabs readers by the heart and guides them through a realistic journey fraught with tough decisions.

About the Author: Grete DeAngelo wrote nonfiction for half her life, all the while dreaming of writing the same kinds of books she likes to read under the covers on Saturday mornings.  In her day job, she teaches high school history.  Past employment included selling vacation packages, answering letters to the editor, and filing blueprints in a vault.  More recently, Grete has embarked upon the grandest and most perilous journey of all, raising two boys.  She lives with her family in northeastern Pennsylvania.

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