Author Feature: R. Rose, author of Hard in the Paint and Take My Breath Away

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Publisher: Amazon KDP

Hard in the Paint Publication Date: June 18, 2013

Take My Breath Away Publication Date: December 27, 2013

Hard in the Paint Book Link:  Amazon

Take My Breath Away Book Link:  Amazon

Hard in the Paint Synopsis: Street artist Todd Lowery is a high school student with a lot of potential, although his parents don't see him that way. When he’s not spraying murals of beautiful girls with his crew, The Spill, he’s chasing girls.

When he’s interrupted in “his” tree house by his new neighbor, Ghost, he decides to check out the situation instead of running from it. He finds himself falling for Ghost’s live-in girlfriend Maeve while dating his current dream girl Adrine.

Todd tries to get away from Maeve to prevent disrespecting Ghost, but finds it impossible. Ghost hires him to deliver packages of all sizes. What resides in the packages isn’t clear to Todd and it has him questioning the situation. He wants to quit, but the perks are just too good.

Todd has two choices: stay with Adrine, stay away from his neighbors, and live a normal teenage life, or leave Adrine, join his neighbors in their illicit world, and risk falling harder for Maeve.

Take My Breath Away Synopsis: Maya Ivkin's mom died of cystic fibrosis, a disorder that affects the lungs, when she was twenty-six. 

Unfortunately, Maya didn’t just inherit her mother’s eyes. At only twenty, she fears each day she's getting closer to her last. 

She has sworn off maintaining relationships with everyone besides her father and sister and refuses to let anyone in, including her consultation clients, who she guides through everyday life crises. She's as brutally honest as one should be when their days are numbered. Saying exactly what's on her mind helps her clients but remains tiresome for her family. 

Then Rico shows up and puts up with her attitude. He seems sweet, but she doesn't quite trust him. Maya digs in, trying to figure him out. And in the process, she feels something she's never felt before: alive. She swore she'd never subject anyone else to the sorrow her sister and dad will feel when she passes. But Rico makes her feel. Can she stop him from breaking down her walls?

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