Book Review: Steeled for Murder by: KM Rockwood

Rating: 4/5

Publisher: Musa Publishing

Publication Date: April 1, 2012

Origins:  From Author for Review

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Synopsis: On parole for a murder conviction, Jesse is the first suspect when Mitch, a forklift driver at work, is killed. Will Jesse be able to figure out what happened, or be sent back to prison?

After nearly twenty years in prison on a murder conviction, Jesse Damon has been released, a home detention monitor strapped to his ankle. Determined to make it and mindful of his parole restrictions, he struggles with life outside prison. He finds a basement apartment, a job on the overnight shift at a steel fabrication plant and a few people who treat him like anybody else. Especially Kelly, a woman who works in the shipping department. He seems to be making it. Until Mitch, forklift driver on the shift, is found murdered in the warehouse. Investigating detective doesn’t want to look any further than Jesse to close the case He’s not fussy about the methods he uses to gather evidence. If Jesse isn’t going down for this, he will have to be the one to figure out who killed Mitch and why.

Series: Steeled for Murder (1), Fostering Death (2), Buried Biker (3)

Review: Jesse Damon is out on parole after serving 19 years for a murder he didn’t commit. He’s fitted with a parole officer and a monitoring bracelet, with the allowance to go to work and home, aside from his P.O.’s office. He’s working the third shift at a steel plant and he’s made a few friends there. When a forklift operator, Mitch, is murdered after he and Jesse have words when he comes on shift, Jesse’s the prime suspect. Now he’s got the cops on his every move and since they won’t look at anyone else, Jesse’s got to figure out who really killed Mitch before he goes down for another crime he didn’t commit.

STEELED FOR MURDER is an intriguing mystery. I found Jesse’s character to be fascinating. He’s an ex-con who just wants to get by and make no trouble for anyone, keeping his head down. Yet trouble always seems to find him. I could palpably feel Jesse’s fear and frustration as the story progressed. Jesse’s got a good heart and it was easy to see that. I was quickly drawn into the story and impressed by how much I came to care about what happened to the characters. STEELED FOR MURDER is a stand-out mystery which I greatly enjoyed.

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