Book Review: ORBS by: Nicholas Sansbury Smith

Rating: 4/5

Publisher: Great Wave Ink Publishing

Publication Date: November 1, 2013

Origins:  From Author for Review

Format:  E-book

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Synopsis: The year is 2061, and the planet is dying. Cataclysmic solar storms force leaders from around the world to finally put aside their differences and agree on one thing—to jump ship. The human race is headed to Mars.

When Dr. Sophie Winston is hired by New Tech Corporation to test a Biosphere deep within the heart of Cheyenne Mountain, she believes it’s part of the mission to save the world. Their results will help prepare NTC for the three-year flight to the red planet. A flight Dr. Winston has been promised a seat on.

Just days into their six-month assignment, things start to go wrong. When the blast doors hiss open, Winton’s team finds a vastly changed world outside. Humans are gone, vanished without a trace, but they aren’t the only thing missing. The planet’s water appears gone, too. 

As the team journeys deeper into Colorado Springs, they find thousands of luminous blue orbs lining the streets. It isn’t until they accidentally uncover what’s inside that they realize the nightmare that has been unleashed.

Series: Solar Storms (1), ORBS (2)

Review: It’s 2061 and Earth is dying. Hit by solar storms and radiation years earlier, the population is at an all-time low. Dr. Sophie Winston and a handpicked team of scientists and others have been chosen by the NTC, who has taken over a lot of the government, to test out an experimental Biosphere near NORAD in Cheyenne Mountain. If the test works, then Dr. Winston will have her coveted seat on the first manned flight to Mars. However, only a few days into the experiment, they lose communication with the outside world. Venturing out, they discover these glowing blue orbs have appeared and the people have disappeared. Now they’ve got to figure out what is going on while staying safe from whatever is out there attacking the planet. Yet, even they aren’t prepared for what they find…

ORBS is a spectacular science-fiction novel which preys on every humans’ deep seated fear. The planet is dying, people are disappearing, and there are blue orbs sucking up all the water from Earth. The aliens have come to devastate our natural resources, including the harvesting of people for their water content. I read the prequel, SOLAR STORMS, prior to reading ORBS but it’s not a requirement as some of the pieces of SOLAR STORMS are found in ORBS. The characters were all interesting, with distinct personalities and strengths. I think one of the things that made ORBS so chilling was that you feel like an outsider watching all this unfold as you’re reading, but you’re unable to do anything warn or save the team. The ending is definitely not warm and fuzzy, which makes you clamor for more!

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