Book Review: Amulet of Power by: Katie Lynn Johnson

Rating: 4/5

Publisher: Katie Lynn Johnson

Publication Date: June 9, 2013

Origins:  From Author for Review

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Synopsis: Keeping her end of a desperate bargain to save her island home from destruction, Alexa Costa finds herself in the unlikely employ of Queen Jada. Bound by a powerful spell, she swears allegiance to the kingdom of Alvair and remembers nothing of her romance with Caleb. Now she must adjust to life within the castle, where her personal opinion means nothing, her skills are constantly put to the test, and her private thoughts are public knowledge. 

Rumors abound and secrecy reigns in Queen Jada’s inner circle, the members of which include the mysterious Prince Dante, the self-obsessed Princess Tiana, and the valiant Captain Whitman of the Alvairan Army. Once again forced to make impossible decisions because of her rare abilities, Alexa must overcome the darkness within the castle by first overcoming the darkness within herself.

The Lost Amulet Chronicles series: Before the Storm (.5), Amulet of Elusion (1), Amulet of Power (2)

Review: Alexa Costa is now Queen Jada’s apprentice and the kingdom’s Interpreter, able to confer the power of the fabled amulets to others. The Queen’s Inner Circle has been granted these powers and now the Amulet of Power has been discovered. Alexa should be very comfortable in her new position as she doesn’t remember much from her life before. Yet Alexa knows something isn’t right with Queen Jada, her Inner Circle, and what she’s been told she must do…

At first, I wondered what happened to Alexa and Caleb, but as AMULET OF POWER progressed I saw just how crafty the author truly is. I was pleased to see Alexa grow into her abilities and I enjoyed how well the author used the environs of the characters to truly set the mood. AMULET OF POWER is told through two narrators, Alexa and Caleb, which gave the story great depth. The magic in this world is subtle yet very powerful and I am a big fan of that aspect. AMULET OF POWER is a great second novel in this series!

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