Book Feature: Soul of the Beast by: Wes Phelan


Publication Date: October 10, 2013

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Synopsis: The year is 1886. The British Empire rules the world. John Sexton is a wealthy 17-year-old aristocrat with all the benefits of British society. His family also has something the others do not—a curse. All the men of his family die mysteriously when they turn eighteen, and John is next. 

John receives a letter from Australia. His grandfather knows how to break the curse. He has the key to finding the Soul of the Beast, an ancient Indian myth that promises immortality to its possessor. His grandfather offers the key to John, but he must come to Australia to receive it. 

John immediately sails for Australia. There he finds his grandfather held prisoner in his mansion by an assassin cult from India called the Thugs. The Thugs want the key and the Soul of the Beast for themselves and will do anything to possess them. The Thugs pursue John to kill him and he narrowly escapes with his life. John is in a race where to stop is to die, and every step takes him deeper into the hidden, deadly world of Soul of the Beast. 

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