Guest Post: D.W. Carver, author of Teamwork

Publisher: Damnation Books

Publication Date: December 1, 2013

Book Links:  Amazon

Synopsis: Jessie James and the Gypsy King. There are many kinds of love. Some kill.

Robbing his employers seemed to be the only solution when Peter King found himself confronted with the probability of his fiancée being sent to prison if a great deal of cash she was tricked into giving away wasn’t replaced. He decided, if the plan failed, he could handle a prison sentence, but quickly discovered that the cost of success might be a great deal higher.

Guest Post: My name is D W Carver. I am English, married with three adult sons and live in East London. I was once a community mental health counsellor and met a lot of interesting people and quite a few who were absolutely terrifying. I also wrote self-help books and booklets for my employers, some aimed at people who did not read from choice. That was never easy. At first I found it hard to believe that people who needed information were so reticent about actually picking it up from the written word.

I remember one young woman who had been given four sheets of A4 to read by her therapist saying with small pride that after nearly two weeks she had almost finished the first page. With that in mind I used to field-test my books with clients – finding out what worked and what didn’t and what made them stop reading. It was a great apprenticeship for writing novels.

My latest book published by Damnation in November is ‘Teamwork’ and features New Adult characters, Peter, Jess, ad Kate. It is set in England in nineteen sixty-two and tells the story of Peter robbing the wages office at his employers in order to replace cash that his fiancee  Kate, had been tricked into handing over to her cousin. This is not a morality tale just the story of a young quarter Romany who, often the victim of casual racism, sees a way to take charge of his life; a way that might cost him that life.

People ask me when I started writing and I have to say that I don’t recall a time when I didn’t write short stories. As a small child I suffered from night terror and would often tell myself elaborate stories about pixies or pirates (nothing scary) to keep my mind occupied; sometimes continuing with the same story from night to night. When I learnt to read and write it seemed only natural to put them down in words. That continued for many years then when I got myself a part time job doing newspaper deliveries in the early morning these mind stories developed into novels. I would write a chapter in my head every morning but only sometimes write them down.

School work too me out of writing for quite some time, much as I have noticed young book bloggers on the net having to give up their blogs in order to study. I didn’t start again seriously until I began writing books for my employers and I suppose that’s when I ‘got the bug’ again for writing in general and then fiction writing.

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