Book Spotlight: Like a Woman Scorned by: Randi Hart

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Publish Date: November 20, 2013

Book Links:  Amazon

Synopsis: Girl meets boy—specifically, knockout senior-paralegal girl Alison Carson meets hotshot Boston lawyer boy Rick Waterman while he is visiting Alison’s beloved hometown of San Francisco on a month-long trial.

Girl and boy fall in love. Boy eventually goes back home and promises to call. Boy doesn’t call. Girl experiences heartbreak, plus an actual physical malady as a result of the affair. Girl then finds out about boy’s other girl back home.

Girl wants revenge. Girl secretly gets revenge, but goes too far with it. Boy’s life is wrecked. Girl then feels guilty.

Boy finally calls girl and apologizes. Boy and girl fall back in love. That is, until boy starts getting suspicious…

Author Bio: Hi, I’m Randi. As you may have guessed, I spent many wonderful years living in the city of San Francisco. I hope to return there one day. Currently I live in Southern California with my wonderful husband. We travel a lot, especially to the east coast and Asia.

Life certainly has its rough patches. I have been that single woman breaking up from a destructive relationship myself more times than I care to recount. But the right guy did come along and things have been awesome ever since. Hang in there, my single girlfriends. He is out there. You might meet him anywhere, any time—except, of course, in your house. So get out there. You might not have to go any farther than your front yard, who knows?

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