Interview with S.D. Everington, author of Boy Red

Publisher: Musa Publishing

Publication Date: November 1, 2013

Interview: Q. Please tell us about the inspiration for your current release.

I started writing my young adult novel, ‘Boy Red’, seven years ago, soon after my first son was born. On becoming a parent, I became fascinated with the nature-nurture debate. Having already written two novels with female narrators, I was interested in writing from the male point of view. I also wanted to experiment with a mystery element. All these threads came together to create ‘Boy Red’.

‘Boy Red’ is a story about identity, about where you come from and where you belong. The day after his sixteenth birthday, Red discovers that the man he calls ‘Dad’ is not his biological father. Will Red be able to track down the anonymous sperm donor who gave him life? What will he learn about himself along the way? And just what else are his parents hiding?

Q. How did writing this book affect you?

All my books come from somewhere deep within and help me unravel questions and make sense of the world. Writing is a form of soul searching for me. I really care about my characters and Red was no inception. He got under my skin and wouldn't go away. I laughed with him and cried with him. It's an understatement to say I got very immersed in the book!

Q. Is there anything you haven’t written about that you would like to in the future?

I always want to try new things. So far I've published adult fiction, young adult fiction, novels, short stories, poetry, non-fiction books and articles. Maybe in the future, I'd like to write a play...

Q. Which of your characters would you want to be and why?

As a writer, I like being able to become different characters and then go back to my own life. I imagine it's like that as an actor, that feeling of trying on different personas.

Q. Do you plan any subsequent books?

Always. :) I have another young adult novel, 'XY', this time a dystopian story, due out next year with UK based publisher, Bridge House Publishing (Red Telephone imprint). I should also have a poetry pamphlet out sometime next year.

Q. What are you currently reading?

‘Up Close’ by Shelagh Weeks published by Cinnamon Press.

Q. All of the books you’ve read, which book has impacted you the most?

That's an impossible question to answer as so many books have impacted on me in different ways. I always say that one of the first books to affect me was ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee, which I read as a young teen in school. A book which really affected me as a parent was ‘We Need To Talk About Kevin’ by Lionel Shriver – a shocking, thought provoking read.

Q. Please tell us your latest news (book-related or not!).

‘Boy Red’ is out now with Musa Publishing (Euterpe imprint) as an e-book in a range of formats for $3.99. :)

Q. Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

I hope my stories will entertain you and provoke you!

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