Book Review: Rogue Hunter: Dark Space by: Kevis Hendrickson

Rating: 4/5

Publication Date: October 1, 2013

Origins:  From Author for Review

Format:  E-book

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Shortly after her trial on New Venus, Zyra Zanr is captured by a desperate team of bounty hunters and brought aboard their ship the Lilith. They intend to take her to the planet Sojo, home of a powerful crime boss who nurses a grievance against her. Zyra fears for her life, knowing death awaits her at the end of the journey. A series of intense confrontations between Zyra and her captors lead to her horrifying torture.

Drugged, beaten, and near death, Zyra escapes her cell and is pursued. The enemy will stop at nothing to recapture her. Enraged by the abuse she has suffered, Zyra decides to turn the table on the Lilith's crew and show them why she is the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy.

Review: ‘Rogue Hunter: Dark Space’ is the second book in the revitalized Rogue Hunter series starring galactic bounty hunter Zyra Zanr. Note to readers: there are graphic scenes and strong language. Zyra has found herself captured by rival bounty hunters and once she finds herself out of the cage, she’s now hunting her captors. ‘Rogue Hunter: Dark Space’ has a strong plot, solid characters, and a bold cinematic style. I could definitely see this whole series becoming a movie franchise. Once again hitting home how intrinsically strong Zyra is (along with being a true bad-ass), ‘Rogue Hunter: Dark Space’ will have you on the edge of your seat from the very first scene!

Rogue Hunter series: Inquest (1), Dark Space (2)

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