Book Review: Faerie Games by: B.E. Tartaglia

Rating: 4/5

Publisher: Dark Quest, LLC

Publication Date: January 31, 2013

Origins:  From Publisher for Review

Format:  Trade Paperback

Order Links:  Amazon / Barnes & Noble

Synopsis: Fast food cashier Melissa Danforth didn't ask to win a trip to Ireland; she had wanted to spend her summer saving for the next semester of college. Little did she know her escape to the Emerald Isle would land her with a man who'd put even her most annoying customers to shame. 

Finn of the Ivy, a faerie prince, was a renowned playboy in the Otherworld, and was content using his noble status to pursue whatever and whoever he liked. Until the High Queen of the faeries kicked him out for a crime he didn't commit, and dropped him into Melissa's vacation. 

Finn's only hope for justice lies in finding his way home, and Melissa's only hope for normalcy is to help him get there. But when monstrous creatures begin stalking Finn, desperation-or something greater-makes the two see each other as more than a means to an end. If the unlikely duo ever wants their lives back, they'll have to uncover a dark conspiracy in the Otherworld-or die trying.

Review: Melissa Danforth works at a fast food restaurant, lives in a tiny apartment, goes to college, and has a pretty boring life. When she wins a trip to Ireland, she’s not overly thrilled about it, but she goes anyway. What she didn’t expect is getting chained to an exiled faerie prince, Finn of the Ivy, whose pursuits include gardening and bedding a lot of faerie women. So he’s just as under enthused about being chained to a human as Melissa is about having him chained to her. Of course, it doesn’t help that he keeps inferring she’s fat and ugly (which is definitely not his type). In order for Finn to get home and Melissa to get free, they must work together to expose the truth behind his exile…if they can escape the nasty Fomor who keep trying to kill them and the tedium of Melissa’s life. ‘Faerie Games’ is an engaging and funny story with great characters. I loved both Finn and Melissa! I was quickly drawn into Melissa’s world and I had to laugh out loud at a lot of the situations in which she and Finn found themselves. Of course, most of those were Finn’s doing! The ending was unexpected, but it made sense with the direction the story took. I hope the author is planning a sequel or maybe a follow-up novella, because I’d love to see what happens with the whole cast of characters in the future.

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