Giveaway: The Daemon Tarot By: Ariana Osborne

Publisher: Sterling Ethos

Publish Date: November 5, 2013

Synopsis: Summon the power of supernatural beings to guide you on your path with The Daemon Tarot: the Forbidden Wisdom of the Infernal Dictionary. This fiendishly forbidden book and tarot card deck draw upon Le Dictionnaire Infernal (Infernal Dictionary), an ancient compendium originally published in 1818 by French occultist Jacques Auguste Simon Collin. Ariana Osborne has reinterpreted Collin’s classic text for today’s audience, creating a simplified divination system to identify the unique strengths and specialties of the daemons.

The intricately designed tarot card deck features 69 portraits of different daemons, each equipped with a captivating illustration and unique wisdom.  Whether you use the divination tools for a traditional one-card draw or the unorthodox six-card spread, everyone from casual lovers of the arcane to the devoted demonologists will be enlightened with answers to their most pressing questions!

About the Author: Ariana Osborne is a second-generation print designer who grew up watching her mother magically turn piles of notes and sketches into real books. Now that she's all grown up, Ariana does her own work in design and layout for books, magazines, comics, and digital. She lives in Portland, Oregon where she keeps bees for the wax (and the gossip), trains a Doberman for the companionship (and the laughs), and occasionally feeds a black cat because he showed up one day (probably when she unlocked the sufficient witchery achievement). But the cat didn't move in permanently because Ariana's just not that sort of witch.

Giveaway Information: 

There is 1 box set of 'The Daemon Tarot' for giveaway!

TO ENTER: Please leave a comment with your email address. The winner will be chosen at random once the giveaway ends November 8, 2013.

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