Book Review: Darkness Rises by: Dianne Duvall

Rating: 4/5

Publisher: Zebra

Publication Date: October 1, 2013

Origins:  From Author for Review

Format: Mass Market Paperback

Order Links:  Amazon / Barnes & Noble

Synopsis: Krysta is used to getting the drop on vampires. Her "special abilities" aren't much, but the plan is simple -- she plays helpless pretty young thing to lure them in. Then her shoto swords come out and it's bye-bye, bloodsucker. Until one night she finds herself with an unexpected ally. He's a vampire, all right, but different. Mysterious. Handsome. And more interested in saving her skin than draining it.

Étienne has been an Immortal Guardian for two hundred years -- long enough to know that Krysta is special. He can't stop thinking about her long legs, even more than her short swords. Then he discovers the vamps she's exterminating have friends in high places, and the Guardians are in danger, too. He'll have to accept Krysta's help to save them. The stakes for a mortal are high. But the cost to his heart might be higher...

Review: ‘Darkness Rises’ turned out to be my favorite “Immortal Guardians” book to date. I enjoyed the new characters of Krysta and her brother Sean; both gifted ones – an aura reader and a healer. Krysta didn’t take any crap from anyone and had been hunting vampires on her own (with Sean’s assistance) for six years before running into Étienne, an Immortal Guardian. Krysta is drawn to Étienne, even when she doesn’t want to be, but there is no stopping their attraction. Meanwhile, other problems are cropping up for the Immortal Guardians which require swift action to hopefully resolve. I loved the relationship between Étienne and Krysta, as well as the interplay between the Immortal Guardians and their Seconds. With a lot of action, plus a shocking discovery at the end of the book, ‘Darkness Rises’ will keep you on the edge of your seat and then have you begging for the next book now!

Immortal Guardians series: Darkness Dawns (1), Night Reigns (2), Phantom Shadows (3), Darkness Rises (4)

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