Book Review and Tour Post: The Demon Mistress by: Jordan K. Rose

Rating: 3/5

Publisher: Jordan K Rose 

Publication Date: August 29, 2013 

Origins:  From Author for Review

Format:  E-book

Order Links:  Amazon 

Synopsis: What’s a girl to do when she discovers her husband, who happens to be the Master Vampire for the New England Region, has been lying to her for, oh, say a hundred and eighty years?

Well, it all depends. If she’s accidentally released forty demons from some creepy old book, unintentionally announced the existence of vampires on The Internet, kidnapped a werewolf, enraged a lovesick vampire by stealing his approved mate, and attracted the attention of The High Commander for The Vampire Federation, not to mention gotten stoned and mastered the forbidden art of demon calling, she might be willing to call it even.

Or, she might plead her case at an Inquisition and hope like all hell, she isn’t staked before sunrise. Eh, a slightly busier night than usual, but nothing Eva Prim can’t handle.

Review: Chrysanthemum (please call her Chryssie) is married to the Master Vampire of the New England Region, Stefan. Chryssie is airheaded and has gotten herself into sticky situations so many times, Stefan keeps her in the house most of the time. Not that she’s not free to go out…with an escort. Stefan buys her laptop and she starts a blog under the pseudonym Eva Prim. She starts discussing vampire tips and gathers a small following of loyal readers. When a renegade vampire targets a blog reader, she sets out with her demons and some of her friends to rescue her. She finds herself in trouble with The High Commander and her husband, but is Eva slick enough to fix it all before it’s too late? ‘The Demon Mistress’ is a cute and funny story, a fluffy and enjoyable escapist read. Chryssie is certainly a character who makes an impression on everyone she meets. Some of the stuff she did had me laughing out loud and rolling my eyes at her naïveté. Curl up on a rainy day, relax, and read ‘The Demon Mistress’ for a great escape!

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A Word from Jordan and Eva....

Thank you, Star for hosting Eva and me on The Demon Mistress Blog Tour. I’m (somewhat reluctantly) handing over the keyboard to Eva as she’s quite excited about her tour. 


Reluctant? Tsk. Just sit back, Jordan and watch me go. 

Thanks for having us, Star. Today’s topic, chocolate, is near and dear to my heart and my mouth. In my opinion (and it’s a damn good opinion) chocolate is an important food. 

Vampires don’t necessarily believe this or even want to consider the idea of chocolate. The vast percentage hasn’t even tried it, which brings up the point that vampires need to be more daring in their food selections. Just because you don’t need something doesn’t mean it isn’t good for you. 

A little chocolate can improve your emotional outlook. It’s a proven fact. Chocolate releases endorphins and they boost your mood. Just google it. You’ll see. I know a lot of vampires in desperate need of an attitude adjustment. A truffle or two might help. And if that doesn’t work, a swift ass-kicking might. Again, that’s just my opinion, but before the ass-kicking try the truffle. 

Dark chocolate is my favorite, though you wimps may want to start with milk. White chocolate doesn’t count, but if that’s what it takes to get you to step out of your comfort zone than fine. Try it. But the goal is to try real chocolate. 

I happen to know most romance readers are chocolate lovers. I’ve watched you. I’ve read books and magazines and your Facebook and Twitter posts. I know you’re experts on the topic. So let’s hear it. 

What do you suggest our newbie chocolate eaters try? 

To go along with our theme I’m giving away a $10 gift certificate to Spoonfudge to one lucky commenter. If you’ve never tried it, you’ve been missing out. And, to go along with the launch of The Demon Mistress the ladies have created a super-special fudge for me! It’s called Eva’s Sweet Fang. I know you want to try some fudge. Go to to check it out. Oh, and for my international friends, the ladies do ship internationally. Yep, you can order your fudge and eat it, too

For updates on my books, me, my short stories and loads of other valuable items join my Snack of the Week Club at I’d love to have you! (in the club, not just as a snack.)

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  1. Hi Star. Thanks so much for having me and Eva on your blog today. We're so happy to be here. And I'm overjoyed with Eva's topic. You can never be too sure what she's going to discuss. :) Have a great day. Jordan

    1. You're very welcome! Glad to have you and Eva here :-)

  2. I sooooo want to get my hands on this book! But I have to wait till Friday

    1. Hi Tiffany. That's just a few hours away. Maybe you'll win the rafflecopter prize and have The Demon Mistress and all four short stories! Good luck.

  3. Hi Tiffany. Congrats! You won the Spoonfudge! gift cert. Email me at so I can send it over. Thanks for participating in the blog tour. Jordan

  4. Thanks so much! A very awesome giveaway and I'm so happy that I won now to get my read on with the four short stories! I already sent my info to u can't wait!


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