Giveaway/Interview with Tahir Shah, author of Eye Spy

Publisher: Secretum Mundi Publishing

Publication Date: April 19, 2013

Synopsis: The greatest eye surgeon of his age, Dr. Amadeus Kaine is fêted by royalty, dictators, Hollywood, and the international jetset. An epicurean of sophistication and dark obsessions, he’s devoted his life to locating the perfect food.

While treating one of Central Asia’s most depraved despots, Kaine is given a little pie to eat – a delicacy reserved for guests of the president. It’s the most delicious thing that’s ever passed the surgeon’s lips, and one that has seemingly miraculous effects. 

All of a sudden, Kaine finds that his bald patch is growing over with thick black hair, and that his body is healing itself from the inside out. But, best of all, he realizes that his mental faculties are stimulated in ways he never believed possible. He can write books in a few hours, learn languages in a matter of days, and effortlessly solve problems from world hunger to global warming.

The drawback is that the dictator’s little pies are prepared with human eyes, taken from convicts working in the opal mines. Horrified that he’s unwittingly become a cannibal, Amadeus Kaine can’t think of anything but getting his hands on some more of the illicit specialty.

Obsessed in particular by green eyes, he begins hunting for victims to satisfy his wayward craving. While perfecting his method, he learns to appreciate the subtleties in taste. As he does so, a terrible affliction strikes – Occulosis.

An eye disease that has jumped the species gap from industrialized poultry farming, the virus rips through society, robbing the masses of their sight. The only man who can save the world is the inimitable Dr. Kaine, who is himself on the run.

One of the strangest tales of obsession, mania and intrigue ever told, EYE SPY will quite literally change the way you see the world.

Interview: Q. Please tell us about the inspiration for your current release.

It started with a photograph, a photograph in a newspaper. It showed a box of fifty prosthetic glass eyes – the kind of thing you use if you lose an eye to illness or in an accident. That picture of all those eyes – different colours and sizes – was the most beautiful and the most shocking of things. I couldn’t stop looking at it. And, rather than turn the page, I allowed the image to seep into my blood. The next thing I knew, it had worked its magic on me and I had dreamed up the plot of a novel, a novel entitled EYE SPY.

Q. How did writing this book affect you?

What I loved was to allow the obsessions of the protagonist – Amadeus Kaine – to get inside me. He was a cannibalistic eye surgeon, the greatest of his age. And, to see the world through his eyes was utterly intoxicating. I can’t quite describe the joy of shifting one’s mentality and becoming someone else, at least on the printed page.

Q. What is the hardest part of writing for you?

Book writing is an arduous business. It’s a grind and it’s a craft. People keep telling me that they want to write a book, but they don’t realize that it’s something you have to work at. The hardest thing for me is the editing. I don’t like editing and I am slow at it. But, fortunately, I find the actual writing process quite easy and can I write a novel like this in between two and three weeks.

Q. Do you plan any subsequent books?

Yes, yes, yes… I have several books in the pipeline. I have just finished another novel called PARIS SYNDROME. It is also about an obsessive character, this time about a Japanese woman called Miki. I am drawn to crazy people or ordinary people who find themselves in crazy situations. And next I plan to write a novel about magicians in India. Just about to begin on that.

Q. What are you currently reading?

I am reading Tarquin Hall’s brilliant, hilarious new Vish Puri novel – THE CASE OF THE LOVE COMMANDOS. I recommend it very highly and love the way Hall reveals the magic and the mysteries of India from the inside out.

Q. Please tell us your latest news (book-related or not!).

My latest news? It’s that I just came from Paris this afternoon. I was there to interview people about ‘Paris Syndrome’. And I can hear you asking what that is… So I’ll tell you. It’s when tourists (and most usually Japanese tourists) arrive in the French capital and are so incredibly overwhelmed that they are hit by a kind of traumatic state. The only cure is to leave Paris, and never to return.

Q. Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

Yes, I’d like to say that publishing is changing and that can only be a good thing for readers. We are getting back to a time in which it’s the author who has control of the publishing process. I have decided to publish some of my work directly – as eBooks or even as Print on Demand. These days there’s a level playing field, and writers can get their work up on Amazon etc. just like any other publisher would do. Of course, it’s crucial to have professional editors etc., which I certainly use. But the crux is to have the chance to make choices, rather than leaving it to some mindless publisher who’s only thinking of spreadsheets, bottom lines, and cold hard cash.

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