Book Review: Three Chords of Chaos by: James Chambers

Rating: 4/5

Publisher: Dark Quest, LLC

Publish Date: May 24, 2013

Origins: From Publisher for Review

Format: Trade Paperback

Order Links:  Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Dark Quest Books

Synopsis: Once, lord of lyrics; once, prince of peace... Now a demon let off his leash... Three Chords of Chaos. No greater musician than Gorge ever lived in the Realm of the Sidhe. No faerie musician ever delved so deeply into the taboo songs and the forbidden music-the Way of the Bone. Yet, Gorge refused to deny himself their temptations. In reward his true love betrayed him, and the faerie kings and queens who once praised him stripped him of his magic and exiled him to the mortal world. Left to go mad and die, Gorge discovered new life in the arms of a mortal woman, Delilah-and new magic in the music that sings in the souls of mortals. Decades later, Gorge walks a dark path through the musical underground of New York City. He lives a secret life, hiding from the fae, waging a guerrilla war of punk rock, and wielding his guitar like a weapon as he gathers magic and recharges his power. Until the day he's strong enough to return home and open the Way of the Bone to all the Faerie Kingdoms. But the mortal world is far more dangerous than it seems. Gorge never expected to discover such raw power, almost beyond his control, among the mortals who worship his music. Nor did he count on a mortal wizard to discover his secrets or turn the ancient weapons of the fae against him. Caught in a dangerous game of magic, music, and lies, Gorge must find the truth and uncover the source of his enemy's magic. Survival and love hang in the balance. And Gorge has only his music to protect him, only a song for any hope of salvation.... 

Review: Gorge sits in when he wants and where he wants, jamming with bands in hopes of generating enough power to open the Way of the Bone and get back to Faerie. Unfortunately, he captures the attention of a wizard, a mortal one at that, who wants Gorge’s power for his own twisted desires. This wizard has bitten off more than he can chew and Gorge will make sure he is well aware. ‘Three Chords of Chaos’ is a darkly rich story, starring an exiled faery and his lady love. Mr. Chambers has created a cast of intriguing and charismatic characters in a music and magic fueled world. Including mentions of music legends and devilish deal-making enhances an already compelling tale. ‘Three Chords of Chaos’ is no ordinary faerie tale!

The Bad-Ass Faerie Tale Series: The Halfling's Court (1), The Redcaps' Queen (2), Three Chords of Chaos (3)

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