Book Review: Chase Tinker and the House of Secrets by: Malia Ann Haberman

Rating: 3/5

Publisher: Crossroad Press

Publish Date: June 1, 2013

Origins:  From Author for Review

Format: E-book

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Synopsis: In Chase Tinker's world, magic, lies and secrets can be a lethal combination...

After spending the summer at his grandfather's gigantic, incredibly magical house, thirteen-year-old Chase Tinker thought things couldn't get any more bizarre, or that the secrets and lies couldn't get any worse, but he was wrong.

As summer turns into Autumn, join Chase and his family for even more magical craziness. Craziness that will include: the sneezing of strange powers, the reappearance of the evil Marlowe family, another frightening kidnapping, the discovery of a mysterious, magical girl, a dangerous rescue mission, and a secret so mind-boggling, it will lead to a shocking climatic finish that will turn Chase's world completely upside down and leave him feeling like one of the worst people on the planet.

Review: The Tinker family returns in ‘Chase Tinker and The House of Secrets’. After the events in book one, the Tinkers are reeling from the discoveries, revelations, and confrontations; but their troubles are far from over. Janie’s mad at everything and everyone since learning her mother was the one who died instead of her uncle. Chase is dealing with the sudden appearance of new powers and his anger at his family for keeping secrets – secrets which might have changed the outcome of previous events. When the Marlowes take Janie and Chase discovers a new Tinker cousin, they band together to mount a rescue operation. However, there may be more secrets which could jeopardize everything…

I recommend you read the first book before reading, ‘Chase Tinker and The House of Secrets’, as the books don’t stand on their own. Chase’s second adventure doesn’t seem to move along as quickly as the first and there is a lot of information dumped on the reader toward the end of the book. A major cliffhanger will bring you to the abrupt end of the book with a feeling like there are missing pages. I do like the Tinker family and their adventures, but I hope we learn more of their secrets in the next book. I also hope we see more character development in the adults. Overall, the Chase Tinker series will captivate your imagination and the end of ‘Chase Tinker and The House of Secrets’ will leave you clambering for more!

Chase Tinker series: Chase Tinker and the House of Magic (1), Chase Tinker and the House of Secrets (2)

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