Book Review: Strings of Glass by: Emily Kimelman

Rating: 4/5

Publication Date: July 28, 2013

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Format:  E-book

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Synopsis: STRINGS OF GLASS is the fourth novel in Emily Kimelman’s Sydney Rye Series of dark murder mystery novels. This series  features a strong female protagonist and her rescue dog, Blue. It is recommended for the 18+ who enjoy some violence, don’t mind dirty language, and are up for a dash of sex. Not to mention an awesome, rollicking good mystery!

Sydney Rye is hanging out in India with her boyfriend, Dan, reading paperbacks and sipping beer. No violence and no reminders of her past. But when she and Blue, are attacked by a pact of wild dogs, Sydney starts to feel that old itch again; to do good by being bad.

Trouble finds Rye when she stops the attempted rape and murder of Anita, a reporter working on a story of corruption and human trafficking. The atrocities Anita describes send Sydney, Blue and Dan on a quest that takes them across India after a dangerous and, up until now, untouchable, figure. While Sydney struggles to accept her true nature she realizes that it is the only way to end decades of abuse and exploitation. But Rye fears that she will loose herself, becoming no better than the monster she fights against.

Review: Sydney Rye and her boyfriend Dan are enjoying a relaxing stay in India. Of course, Sydney can’t stay still for long. She saves a woman from being beaten and raped, at the very least. The woman she saved, Anita, tells Sydney and Dan about the man she is trying to take down. So Sydney gets embroiled in the struggle against a pedophile with deep enough pockets for the authorities to look the other way. Sydney’s ready to take on the challenge, but will it cost her more than she anticipates?

‘Strings of Glass’ is the fourth book in the Sydney Rye series, which keeps getting better and better. Sydney’s a very strong female character and even though she has her moments of insecurity, she works through them to get the job done. After working previously to take down evil, she gets restless easily. So she’s kind of glad when a new opportunity essentially falls in her lap. While I don’t think readers would have any problems getting into ‘Strings of Glass’ as a stand-alone, it’s best to read the series from the beginning. I felt Sydney has really matured coming into this book and it shows by some of her choices. She’d normally rush in, but in this case she’s taking her time, finding out information, and making a plan. There’s also a pretty shocking couple of twists at the end of the book, not all of which readers will foresee. I really love this series and ‘Strings of Glass’ is a wonderful addition.

Sydney Rye Series: Unleashed (1), Death in the Dark (2), Insatiable (3), Strings of Glass (4)

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  1. I do love a good mystery, and the India setting is unusual.


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