Book Review: Invisible Magic by: Mary Buckham

Rating: 4/5

Publisher: Cantwell Publishing, LLC

Publish Date: February 28, 2013

Origins:  From Author for Review

Format:  E-book

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Synopsis: Hidden from a world unaware of magic, a recently and only partially trained group of operatives known as the Invisible Recruits are the only ones willing to stand between mankind and those powerful preternatural factions seeking to change the balance of power and gain world domination.

Alex Noziak, part witch/part shaman, anticipates facing dangerous preternaturals out for blood . . not fashion week. But when the rookie agent is sent undercover to find out who, or what, is behind a series of world-wide thefts of top-secret intelligence, Alex tangles with the Seekers.

Seekers hunt gifted human individuals like Alex and her squad whose rare powers can keep the balance between human and nonhuman squarely on the side of the humans. Her simple assignment turns into a battle of survival for everyone involved when she crosses Bran, a mysterious warlock, who might be her only ally or worst enemy.

To save the innocent, Alex must call upon her untested abilities, but at what cost?

Review: It’s in your best interest to read the prequel novella, ‘Invisible Prison’, prior to reading ‘Invisible Magic’. The novella will give you a lot more background on Alex Noziak before getting into the meaty book one of the series.

In ‘Invisible Magic’, Alex Noziak and the other recruits are operatives who must stop a plot to disrupt the balance between humans and non-humans. Alex is sent undercover as a hairdresser to ferret out who is behind the plot and report back to her boss. Her contact, Bran, is a warlock and a suspect, too. One of the problems is Alex is very hesitant to use her inherited abilities and as such, she’s untrained and untested. What started out as a supposedly simple mission becomes exceedingly complex and Alex may not make it out…

I really liked ‘Invisible Magic’ and the women of the Invisible Recruits. I do hope Alex will get some real training for her witchcraft and shamanic abilities. The author kept the plot and the action fresh and moving along quickly. As I said above, it’s a good idea to read the prequel novella to get a little more backstory on Alex. While Alex doesn’t have a lot of training or control of her abilities, she’s definitely got a lot of spine and grit when challenged. It’s also interesting to see the interplay between Alex and her teammates, as well as with the people she’s investigating. I will definitely be reading the rest of the books in this series. ‘Invisible Magic’ is a wonderful blend of fantasy, action, humor, and mystery – with a touch of romance.

Invisible Recruits series: Invisible Prison (novella), Invisible Magic (1), Invisible Duty (novella), Invisible Power (2), Invisible Fate (3)

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  1. Star ~ love the review! Thanks so much!! ~ Mary B :-)


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