Book Review: From This Moment On by: Bella Andre

Rating: 3/5

Publisher: Harlequin MIRA

Publish Date: June 25, 2013

Origins:  From Publisher for Review

Format:  Mass Market Paperback

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Synopsis: Just one night…

Marcus Sullivan has always been the responsible older brother, stepping in to take care of his seven siblings when their father died. But when the perfectly ordered future he's planned turns out to be a lie, Marcus needs one reckless night to shake free from it all.

Known throughout the world by only one name—Nico—pop songstress Nicola Harding is seen as the ultimate sex kitten. But it's all a lie. After a terrible betrayal she refuses to let anyone else close enough to find out who she really is…or to hurt her again. Especially the gorgeous stranger at the bar.

One night is all Nicola and Marcus agree to share with each other. But instead, a deeper connection than either of them could have anticipated begins….

Review: In Bella Andre’s second book of “The Sullivans” series, ‘From This Moment On’, we finally learn more about the eldest child – Marcus Sullivan. Marcus is a successful business man and became the man of the house after his father died, helping his mother raise the rest of his siblings. He’s always wanted his own family and he thought his girlfriend Jill was the one, but he’s viciously betrayed when he finds her in bed with another man. Yet he realizes he was never himself with her and she was never going to be someone he could truly love. So Marcus decides to throw caution to the wind and go out to a club to find a girl to pick up for one night only. When Nicola walks through the door looking like sex incarnate, Marcus is ready to tuck his emotions away and just enjoy himself with her. But Nicola has her own secrets and her own motivations for going to the club. Nothing goes as planned once they leave the club together and it forces both Marcus and Nicola to reevaluate what they want out of life…can they walk away from each other after just one night?

Let’s get a few things out of the way: Yes, there is an 11 year difference in age (Marcus is 36 and Nicola is 25) and Marcus is a dominant in the bedroom. Overall, I liked ‘From This Moment On’ a lot better than the first book in this series (The Look of Love). Both characters were well-developed and their relationship was developed over more time. I felt for both characters as they had been burned in the past by trusting the wrong person and wanted to take things slowly once they realized what they had couldn't stop at a one night stand. I liked how Nicola and Marcus helped each other to grow and discover what they truly wanted out of life. ‘From This Moment On’ was a sweet romance, with some hot sex scenes, and two characters who you could really root for!

The Sullivans series: The Look of Love (1), From This Moment On (2), Can't Help Falling in Love (3), I Only Have Eyes for You (4), If You Were Mine (5), Let Me Be The One (6), Come A Little Bit Closer (7), Always on My Mind (8), The Way You Look Tonight (9)


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