Book Review: The Look of Love by: Bella Andre

Rating: 2/5

Publisher: Harlequin MIRA

Publish Date: May 28, 2013

Origins:  From Publisher for Review

Format:  Mass Market Paperback

Order Links:  Amazon / Barnes & Noble

Synopsis: Sometimes one look is all it takes.

Chloe Peterson has vowed never to make the mistake of trusting a man again. Her reasons are as vivid as the bruises on her cheek. So when her car skids off a wet country road straight into a ditch, she's convinced the gorgeous guy who rescues her must be too good to be true.

As a successful international photographer, Chase Sullivan has his pick of beautiful women. He's satisfied with his life—until he finds Chloe and her totaled car on the side of the road in Napa Valley.

With every loving look—and every sinfully sweet caress—the attraction between them sizzles, and Chloe can't help but wonder if she's met the man who may be the exception to her rule….

Review: I was interested in ‘The Look of Love’ when I received it for review as I’d never read anything by this author before. Ms. Andre created an interesting family of 8 siblings whose professions range from movie star to librarian. They’re all very interesting and good looking – a seemingly perfect family raised by a widowed mother. Chase Sullivan is a professional photographer and ladies’ man, but deep down a genuinely nice guy who is close to his family.  Chloe Peterson is on the run from her abusive ex-husband when she skids off the road during the rain at night. Chase happens upon Chloe and takes her back to his brother’s vineyard to get clean and dry, as well as contact a tow truck/wrecker. As the days pass, do they succumb to their lust and also fall in love…?

It seemed a lot of the book was setting up the whole Sullivan clan to the readers. When you got to the interactions between Chase and Chloe, Chase didn’t seem to have any “real” personality and in fact a lot of the characters seemed to be a foil to Chloe. I felt Chloe’s behavior was inconsistent with a person who has been abused by a “loved one” when it came to her and Chase. It seemed to me ‘The Look of Love’ would have been a much better story if it took place over 3 or 4 months rather than less than a week. Don’t get me wrong, there is definitely such a thing as “lust at first sight” and they had plenty of that (both in thoughts and deed). However, I was actually more interested in what was going on with Marcus Sullivan and his girlfriend Jill (to be expounded on in the next book).

The Sullivans series: The Look of Love (1), From This Moment On (2), Can't Help Falling in Love (3), I Only Have Eyes for You (4), If You Were Mine (5), Let Me Be The One (6), Come A Little Bit Closer (7), Always on My Mind (8), The Way You Look Tonight (9)


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