Book Review: Home To Oblivion by: Roger Whittlesey

Rating: 4/5

Publish Date: January 8, 2013

Origins:  From Author for Review

Format:  E-book

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Synopsis: HOME TO OBLIVION is a story about friendship and survival, a supernatural adventure filled with mystery and suspense, and a tale of a boy who is forced to forge his way to a new reality under the most unreal circumstances.

The story leads the reader from a pivotal Revolutionary War sea battle to a mysterious island where time seems irrelevant. Narrator Prescott Fielding, a 12-year-old boy from the 18th century, is washed ashore onto a volcanic island, where he befriends Caleb Thompson, a seventeen-year-old Vietnam War era U. S. Marine. How can two people born 200 years apart exist together at one time? Are they living in a time warp? Outside of time? Or is it the afterlife?

Just as they work through their differences in perspectives, and as their friendship begins to flourish, a young World War I British Army code-breaker suddenly appears and upsets the balance.

A series of events--both natural and unnatural--convince the characters to travel inland to seek answers about the mysteries of the island. Prescott soon discovers the function of the island is far more dangerous than he ever could have imagined, and standing between him and his dream to go home is a powerful and evil force.

Review: Prescott Fielding was apprenticing to a doctor during the start of the Revolutionary War. They were serving on a ship and when they were attacked, Prescott was knocked off the boat and then found himself washing ashore on an island with a volcano in the middle. He meets Caleb, a Marine who was fighting in Vietnam prior to arriving on the island. As Caleb teaches him the secrets of the island, he and Caleb become friends. A few weeks after Prescott lands on the island, a new person arrives – Julian Woodgate, a World War I code-breaker. With the addition of Julian, the dynamic changes and they follow the call of the island to the center. Yet is what awaits them paradise?

I truly enjoyed ‘Home to Oblivion’ because the characters came to life for me through the author’s descriptions and dialogue. The interactions between Prescott, Caleb, and Julian were very funny at times. The mystery of the island was intriguing and I found myself really engaged in the story. The author has given the true nature of life and death a new perspective in ‘Home to Oblivion’. 


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