Interview with Erika Kathryn, author of The Angel Archives series

Publish Date for Volume 1: December 1, 2012

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Interview: Q. Please tell us about your current series.

The Angel Archives is a middle grade to young adult fantasy series filled with fast-paced adventure!  Here’s a brief description of both Volume 1 (already out) and Volume 2 (being released in May 2013!)

Volume 1: Audie the Angel and the Angel Army
Audie, a typical twelve-year-old girl, is led away from her middle school one day. She’s told that she is the only Phoenix Angel alive and that she is the final member of an assembly of others her age, called The Angel Army. The army includes Luce—the dangerously handsome dark Angel predestined to fall from Heaven—and Cave—a stowaway from Earth who is crushing on her hard—as well as eight Angels with magical talents, a feisty Fairy, and a nimble gnome. Audie’s ordinary life becomes drastically different as she sprouts gold wings, however, before she even learns to fly she is told of the real reason she is needed: an evil elder Angel has discovered a way to dominate Heaven. Audie has to conquer her newfound powers quickly because the future of Heaven rests on her wings.

Volume 2:  Audie the Angel and the Aging Plague
Audie, Cave, and the Angel Army are back in action! Dare Demons have been released on Earth carrying an Aging Plague that turns Humans into Zombies. While two of their own have been bitten, they have to travel back to Heaven, and cross the desert—fighting Sand Sharks and Sorcerers—to get to the Fountain of Youth before the Plague spreads. Along the way they help the Mermaid Tribe, team-up with Star Speakers, discover dream-makers, and learn the secrets behind rainbows.  With a Sun Stone as their key, and occasionally traveling by cloud, will Audie and her friends be able to stop the Aging Plague? And can Audie change Luce’s fate to prevent his fall from Heaven?   
Q. How did writing this book affect you?

Seeing my book online and in print is absolutely an inspiration to continue working on my dream.  I couldn’t be more excited and prouder to be publishing Volume 2 this soon after Volume 1 was released.  

Q. Can you tell us about the journey that led you to writing?

I have been writing for years now and it seems to flow naturally for me.  For the most part, plots and conflicts tend to come together easily for me and as long as I have a passion for the content I am writing, idea after idea just pours out.

Q. What is the hardest part of writing for you?

The hardest part is definitely the marketing after publication.  Even if you have a great book (and who doesn’t think they have one, right?) no one will just stumble across it.  You have to shamelessly expose yourself and put your work out there for everyone: friends, family, critics, and complete strangers.  I honestly think the marketing is the most important piece of the entire process and you just can’t allow yourself to stop working hard away at it.  

Q. Do you have a musical playlist you listen to while writing? If so, what kind of music?

I do not, although I would like one!  I am a huge country music fan (being raised in North Carolina and having made several visits to Nashville!) but I really listen to all kinds. 

Q. What would you say is your most interesting writing quirk?

I don’t know that I have one, other than I really like to be comfortable when I write!  I like to get cuddled in bed with my laptop, in my jammies, and just be able to think of nothing but my characters.  

Q. Do you plan any subsequent books?

Yes!  Volume 2 will be published shortly (May 2013) and there will be a Volume 3 to complete The Angel Archives Series.  In starting to write this third installment, it’s been bittersweet for me.  I want to complete the series and move on to other projects, but at the same time I will be sad to stop writing about Audie and the gang!  I just truly love the characters and have put so much thought into them.  I have a huge binder of scribbled notes and Angel research, and also my pitiful attempts to draw them from over the years.  Little Belina, the Fairy, giving wedgies, Pancia and Talihad’s adorable squabbles, and Cave’s crush growing for Audie; I think I’ll really miss conjuring up their adventures!

Q. Please tell us your latest news (book-related or not!)

My amazing daughter is about to turn 2-yrs-old (seems like she was just born!) and the 2nd Volume of Audie the Angel will be published.  It doesn’t get much better than that!

Q. Please tell us a fun-fact about yourself!

I am pretty obsessed with anything Zombie.  That is why I included PG-rated Zombies in Volume 2: Audie the Angel and the Aging Plague.  I had so much fun writing about them!  I would even like to somehow incorporate them in Volume 3…so ya’ll will have to read it to find out!

Q. Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

If you’re a mom like me, looking for something wholesome for your children to read, but also keep them engaged and entertained…these are the books for you and your family!  Please stop in to see all of the latest updates on Audie the Angel at

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