Book Review: Perpetual by: Michaela Debelius

Rating: 4/5

Publisher: Smashwords

Publish Date: January 7, 2013

Origins: From Author for Review

Format: E-book

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Synopsis: “Some people say they don’t care. I actually mean it.”

Mercy Green didn’t become this way overnight. Centuries of monotonous life have left her jaded and detached. Humans weren’t meant to live forever. But then again, she isn’t human. Adam is though, and his purity baffles her. How can he remain unpolluted in a world tarnished by corruption? It doesn’t matter. Her time in Birchwood Creek is coming to an end and she must prepare to relocate. That is, until she inexplicably wakes up in a pool of her own blood. The answer seems simple enough: leave immediately. But when an attempt is made on Adam’s life, a failed murder she inadvertently caused, she feels obligated to stay and protect him.

But then she’s attacked again.

And Adam begins to ask questions.

Victim to an unseen stalker, Mercy’s forced to seek help from Nick, an immortal teenager whose sudden appearance suspiciously coincides with her plunge into chaos. With her structured life unraveling and revelation of her immortality looming, Mercy must accept the truth: she’s being hunted. But why?

…And she thought immortality was boring.

Review: Mercy Green looks like she’s nineteen, but it’s only because she was when she died and was reborn as an immortal. She’s actually centuries old and has become jaded after seeing the worst the world has to offer. It’s why she prefers working with animals to people. All people except Adam, an artist who works at the same animal shelter Mercy does. Mercy’s drawn to Adam’s innocence and sweet naïveté, which is so unlike her own nature. Yet, things are starting to unravel for Mercy. She’s being stalked, she keeps waking up in pools of her own blood, and when she tries to help Adam retrieve items his nasty ex-girlfriend stole from him it ends up going pear-shaped. When she meets Nick, another immortal in town, she’s forced to work with him and his friends (other immortals), even though it’s against her better judgment. When they realize who they’re up against, it’s going to take all their powers to put a stop to the attacks on immortals.

I liked Mercy right off the bat. Yes, she’s jaded and kind of down on life, but she was turned into an immortal against her will and then left to fend for herself. I think anyone in the same situation may have some trust issues (as well as other issues) after a few centuries of life. I loved how much Mercy was attached to her personal pets as well as the animals she cared for at the shelter. I felt it showed there was still a softer/more human side to Mercy. The relationships, the dialogue, and the characters all felt very real to me. The author has a way of bringing it all to life and creating characters you truly care for. There was also good character development over the course of the story, especially in Mercy as she learned more about herself and immortals in general. The latter half of the book was full of action and suspense, which I felt flowed well due to the foundation set in the first half of the book. ‘Perpetual’ is definitely a different take on immortality and I think it will appeal to fans of mystery, fantasy, and romance.

Revoker Series: Perpetual (1)


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