Book Review: Dolls Behaving Badly by: Cinthia Ritchie

Rating: 5/5

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

Publish Date: February 5, 2013

Origins: From Publisher for Review

Format: E-book

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Synopsis: Carla Richards is a lot of things. She's a waitress at Anchorage's premier dining establishment, Mexico in an Igloo; an artist who secretly makes erotic dolls for extra income; a divorcée who can't quite detach from her ex-husband; and a single mom trying to support her gifted eight-year-old son, her pregnant sister, and her babysitter-turned-resident-teenager.

She's one overdue bill away from completely losing control-when inspiration strikes in the form of a TV personality. Now she's scribbling away in a diary, flirting with an anthropologist, and making appointments with a credit counselor.

Still, getting her life and dreams back on track is difficult. Is perfection really within reach? Or will she wind up with something even better?

Review: Please note: This books contains mature content, so please be over the age of majority before reading.

‘Dolls Behaving Badly’ is a bold and frank look at the roles women are given in society and by themselves. Carlita (Carla) Richards wears many hats: she is a mother, ex-wife, friend, daughter, sister, member of the workforce, frustrated artist…and “dirty doll” maker. I found the recount of Carla and her friends’ antics both highly amusing and poignant. I think ‘Dolls Behaving Badly’ is a book for all adult women. I laughed out loud at several points and felt for each of the characters. Ms. Ritchie brings all the characters to life easily, so you feel an emotional attachment quickly and deeply. The situations Carla and the other characters find themselves in are ones myself or any of my friends could find ourselves in. Humorous and starkly real, I highly recommend ‘Dolls Behaving Badly’!


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