Book Review: Caspian: The Caspirin Stone by: David Agusto

Rating: 4/5

Publish Date: February 17, 2013

Origins: From Author for Review

Format: E-book

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Synopsis: The Caspirin Stone is a story about a country plagued by demons, a prophet missing his hero, a knight who's broken his vows and a powerful talisman fallen into the wrong hands. Treygan, a demon killer on the run from his former life, is thrust right into the middle.

Review: When the people of the land decided they needed a God like the other countries did, one was created using all of the goodness, leaving evil to manifest as demons. The Voice of God is a prophet who is balanced by the Black Knight, the blackest of all demon-killers. This iteration of the Voice and the Black Knight are Caspian and Caspirin. The Black Knight’s original name is forgotten and their new one reflects their status as the dark half to the Voice’s light. Caspirin has left Caspian and Caspian’s advisors are begging him to find another Black Knight. Yet the Voice and Black Knight are soul-mates and no one else can take the other’s place. A demon-killer, Treygan, stops in a small village to get water for himself and his horse when he hears the local priest telling the village children stories about the Voices and Black Knights. A journey for both the priest and the demon-killer ensues in a race to put right what once went wrong.

‘Caspian: The Caspirin Stone’ is a hero’s journey, fantasy, and mystery rolled into one. It is a very short story, but the author was able to infuse so much life and feeling into the characters it seemed full-length. My favorite character was the priest who helped in guiding Treygan's journey of self-discovery. I was very touched by this story and I definitely highly recommend it!

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