Interview with Mary Buckham, author of Invisible Magic

Publisher: Cantwell Publishing, LLC

Publish Date: March 1, 2013

Order Links:  Amazon / Barnes & Noble

Synopsis: Hidden from a world unaware of magic, a recently and only partially trained group of operatives known as the Invisible Recruits are the only ones willing to stand between mankind and those powerful preternatural factions seeking to change the balance of power and gain world domination.

Alex Noziak, part witch/part shaman, anticipates facing dangerous preternaturals out for blood . . not fashion week. But when the rookie agent is sent undercover to find out who, or what, is behind a series of world-wide thefts of top-secret intelligence, Alex tangles with the Seekers.

Seekers hunt gifted human individuals like Alex and her squad whose rare powers can keep the balance between human and nonhuman squarely on the side of the humans. Her simple assignment turns into a battle of survival for everyone involved when she crosses Bran, a mysterious warlock, who might be her only ally or worst enemy.

To save the innocent, Alex must call upon her untested abilities, but at what cost?

Interview: Q. Please tell us about Alex Noziak, the protagonist of your new series.

Alex is a law unto herself and she knows it. Raised by a shifter/shaman father and four shifter brothers after her Celtic witch mother abandoned the family, Alex was not only the youngest Noziak but the only girl, and the only witch/shaman. She is fiercely loyal to her family, afraid of her powers as a witch because of her mother’s legacy, and willing to run toward trouble rather than away from it as any sane person would do. She has been recruited by a top-secret US agency called the Invisible Recruits. Five women are part of the initial agency tasked to fight growing agitation among the world’s preternatural beings. Since most humans don’t even know preternaturals exist, the team finds themselves on the razor’s-edge of a war between humans and non-humans.  Each woman has been chosen because of a unique ability they possess that might keep them alive, but only if they pull together as a team. But that sounds easier than it is as Alex quickly finds her loyalties divided between factions that don’t always see eye to eye.

Q. Can you tell us about the journey that led you to writing?

I grew up in a family of visual artists including a mother who ran an art gallery and a father who was the director of a museum. A lot of my child hood was spent at art fairs and attending galley openings. Since I couldn’t even draw a stick figure I always thought that my love of words and story telling was only good for English essays and to keep younger siblings amused. I even married an artist who worked in printmaking and stone carving. He was the one who recognized my need to write and encouraged me to embrace my own creativity. But wanting to write was more than a wish, especially while raising five children. They were the best time management teachers I knew and because I couldn’t very well tell them to go for their dreams if I wasn’t really going to go after mine, I thank them daily for the gift of where I am today.

Q. What is the hardest part of writing for you?

Starting. Every morning of writing, every new story, every blank page is a leap of faith.

Q. Do you have a musical playlist you listen to while writing? If so, what kind of music?

I love world music—Celtic, African, Middle-Eastern, Andean, you name it, I love it. Depending on the type of scene I’m writing I’ll program Pandora radio with the emotional intensity I want to achieve from driving techno to lyrical jazz – and jump in writing.

Q. What would you say is your most interesting writing quirk?

LOL! I never learned to type. So I hunt and peck my way through manuscript after manuscript. Years ago I feared becoming an office assistant as a woman if I knew how to type so I refused to learn. I wanted to be the boss. I guess my characters take after me in that way.

Q. Do you plan any subsequent books?

I have so many books planned it’ll take several lifetimes to write them! This year I’ll have three novels and one, maybe two novellas in the Urban Fantasy Invisible Recruits series, all Alex Noziak stories; INVISIBLE MAGIC (available now), INVISIBLE POWER (coming in June 2013) and INVISIBLE FATE (Fall 2013). I’ll also have two Young Adult Sci Fi/Fantasy novels out I’m co-authoring with NYT author Dianna Love. The first one TIME TRAP is out now under the pen-name Micah Caida and this November book 2, TIME RETURN will be released. By the end of the year I’ll also have three writing craft books out; WRITING ACTIVE SETTING Books 1, 2 and 3.

Q. Please tell us your latest news (book-related or not!).

INVISIBLE POWER is the second Alex Noziak (part witch/part shaman) book in the Invisible Recruit series and that will be coming in June 2013. The first book INVISIBLE MAGIC has earned amazing reviews and feedback from readers who love a larger, complex story with fast pacing, lots of action and great sexual tension so I’m very excited to see how book 2 is received. The WRITING ACTIVE SETTING books 1 and 2 have surprised even me, being consistently in the top twenty of several Amazon lists and the top 1 spot for many weeks now for writing skills. That was fun to see!

Q. Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Writers write for readers and without readers, those who are willing to try a new-to-them author, who take the time to leave reviews, and who become as vested in the stories and the characters as the author does—there would be no books. So thank you, thank you, thank you. A special thank you too for the reviewers like you Star who give authors a way to reach readers, and readers a chance to interact with authors. You rock!


  1. Star ~ thank you for such a lovely review. You are the best!!

  2. Your new book sounds wonderful! I feel compelled to point out to the readers of this blog that Mary is not only a super writer, but a brilliant teacher, as well!

    1. Susan ~ You're a sweetheart! Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

  3. I second Susan's comment. I love your classes.
    And I loved Invisible Prison, which I believe is the first of your Invisible books.

    1. Hi Kate ~ how lovely! Last of my classes will be this September so I can spend more time writing the INVISIBLE series and yes, INVISIBLE PRISON was the first novella in the series. Coming in the next week at the latest will be INVISIBLE POWER, the next full length book. Thanks for swinging past and posting!


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