Interview with D.L. Miles, author of Threads of Chaos

Publish Date: April 2013

Synopsis: "When the fate of one is changed, everything changes. One person changes everything."

Mercy Singer died five months ago, but the doctor’s managed to bring her back. And she was told by her new therapist that it was normal to think there was danger around every corner, and that seeing things was part of the healing process. What Mercy hasn’t told anyone is how vivid her dreams are, how it’s not actually her dying in them, and she also hasn’t mentioned the conversations she’s had with people that vanish.

And when the new boy in town, Tristan Holmes, finds her freaking out in the street, claiming to see a man that isn’t there, she thinks her return to school might have been too soon. Until his sister approaches her, claiming to know what’s going on, and that she wants to help Mercy.

Now numbers keep floating around Mercy’s head, and she knows it’s a countdown to something big. There’s a darkness coming to Balefire Bay High, and she thinks she’s the only one that can stop it.

Interview: Q. Please tell us about your current release.

Threads of Chaos is a young adult paranormal mystery.  Mercy Singer was killed by The Balefire Bay Butcher, but the doctors managed to bring her back.  All she wants is to settle back to her normal life but when she returns to school she feels like it just isn’t working.  Her nightmares have been coming into her waking world, and when the new boy in school, Tristan Holmes, suggests it might be real does she begin to question her new life.  Are her visions actually coming true?  If they are…should she try to change the outcome?  Should she really altar fate’s plans?

Q. Can you tell us about the journey that led you to writing?

I was always a reader, and when I was little (like six-eight) I would always write stories.  They sucked; I couldn’t figure out how to describe anything so they usually became pictures!  And for a while I didn’t do any writing, only reading.  And I used to always want to write a book but thought “I could never do that; that’s what OTHER people do”.  After some encouragement from my mother in high school I started writing stories (without pictures!) and made my friends read them.  I usually only got about four chapters in before having a “brilliant” new idea that I needed to start on right away.  My the end of grade 12 I was halfway through my first book, and two years later after I graduated college did I finish it!  It will never be published.  Ever.

But after that I realized I could do it, and started on my next project, Shadeland (the first book I published).  I guess I’ve always been a writer at heart, it just took me a while to realize it.

Q. What is the hardest part of writing for you?

Probably sticking to one WIP at a time!  I usually have a lot of ideas rolling around in my head and sometimes it gets hard to focus on what I should be working on.  I’m always afraid that if I switch to working on something else, I’ll keep doing that and get nothing done  (which is exactly what I did in high school!).

Q. Do you have a musical playlist you listen to while writing? If so, what kind of music?

I tend to listen to Yo-Yo Ma while writing, I just really need some kind of background noise.  Also, I get to feel like a super villain when planning murders to classical music!  Although when I was writing Threads of Chaos I listened to A LOT of Florence + The Machine.

Q. What would you say is your most interesting writing quirk?

When I’m writing scenes, I tend to make faces.  Is that just me?  If a character is frowning I’ll usually frown, or I’ll glower or smile or anything.  I’ve only noticed that I do that recently, and it makes me glad I don’t write in public!

Q. Do you plan any subsequent books?

I ALWAYS have subsequent books, or at the very least ideas.  Most of my books I want to make into series, because personally I love reading a series!  All the books I have currently published have more coming, even the ones that were supposed to be stand-alones.   This is part of why I need to learn to focus; I want to work on everything at once!

Q. Please tell us your latest news (book-related or not!).

Latest news?  Well personally I have no life, or I should say most of my life is about writing.  Last month I released the third book in The Ethereal Crossings series and I’m hoping I can finish the series this year.  It’s exciting and sad, since it was the first book I published and I love those characters!

Q. Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

Thanks for all your support, seriously.  If I didn’t have people telling me how they loved my books (or thought it was okay even) I probably would have given up on writing and gone back to trying to figure out a backup plan for my life!  So thanks :) I hope my future books don’t disappoint!


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