Book Review: Trapped by: George Bernstein

Rating: 4/5

Publisher: TAG Publishing LLC 

Publish Date: November 13, 2012

Origins: From Publisher for Review

Format: E-book

Order From:  Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Kindle

Synopsis: The darkness is still, silent. Jackee Maren’s heart pounds reverberating through her body as fear sears her veins. Someone’s coming. No way out. This time they will kill me. Her breath is short, her chest burns. Must run. Faster. Faster! Her eyes fly open, her heart still racing with blinding fear. Jackee breathes deeply with relief and stares at the ceiling desperately trying to calm herself. The same dream. Something, someone is watching . . . and waiting.

A tragic car accident leaves beautiful, vibrant Jackee Maren in “Locked-in Syndrome,” completely paralyzed, able to move only her eyes. Jackee’s physical therapist, Kevin, seems more invested in her well-being than her husband, Phil, and teaches her to communicate by blinking her eyes.

Soon she discovers she has the ability to sense others thoughts, but hides this talent from everyone but her sons, not knowing who she can trust. Then she discovers her car accident was no accident, and vows to expose the person who wants her dead before they get a second chance. Exercising her new psychic ability, Jackee finally learns who masterminded the accident but feels helpless to stop them from trying to kill her again.

Fading physically, she doggedly embarks on a psychic plan to not only ensure her boys are safe forever, but to exact revenge on her would-be murderer.

Jackee vows not to rest until this killer understands what it is to be TRAPPED! 

Review: Jackee Maren is going in for some reconstructive surgery a few months after she was in a horrific car accident. Luckily, her sons weren’t seriously injured and Jackee is healing up nicely. Yet when she wakes up from surgery, she knows something is very wrong. She’s now suffering from a condition called Locked-in syndrome. She is aware and awake, but cannot move or communicate verbally due to complete paralysis of nearly all voluntary muscles in the body except for the eyes. Jackee can hear everything going on around her and now her hearing is acutely sensitive, so she’s starting to put the pieces together. With help from her physical therapist, Kevin, Jackee develops a shorthand way to communicate through eye-blinks. Life is pretty monotonous for Jackee, until she realizes she can communicate with her sons telepathically and also psychically influence the people around her. Can she figure out who is behind the accident and stop them before it’s too late…?

I can’t imagine (and don’t ever want to find out) what it’s like for Jackee Maren being trapped in her own body and completely at the mercy of those around her. Thankfully, she’s got a great physical therapist, Kevin, and a very sweet nurse, Maria. However, her husband is a whole different matter. He’s condescending and rude because he now has to spend time with his family – Jackee and their sons, Bryan and Malcolm. I hated Phil Maren from the get-go. He’s a bully who only cares about himself. Fair warning, there is quite a bit of sex in this book, but I felt most of it was a necessary part of the story to showcase Jackee’s newfound abilities. Of course, most of this book is in Jackee’s head, because it’s not as if she can speak for herself even though she is able to communicate. In the end, I enjoyed how all the seemingly disparate pieces fell into place and how Jackee was able to stage her revenge.


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