Book Review: The Thing Down the Road by: T.L. Smith

Rating: 5/5

Publisher:  Musa Publishing

Publish Date: February 3, 2013

Origins:  From Publisher for Review

Format:  E-book

Order From:  Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Musa Publishing

Synopsis: Beware of road-side freak shows! You never know what you’ll discover, or do, on the other side of the glass. You might go too far to ever return home.

Del detested these roadside displays of hapless creatures, mangled by fate or bad DNA, but it’s the only way to quiet his restless children. They stop to see “The Thing”, but what he discovers in this cage exceeds his expectations as a Xeno-biologist. Del rescues the creature and is taken on a harrowing tale of the lengths a man could go to, out of love, compassion, and insanity. He befriends this strangely charismatic captive, and sympathizes with the captive’s motives, fears, and final act of humanity.

Review: ‘The Thing Down the Road’ combines science fiction and horror into a chilling and compelling story. Del is a military xenobiologist and while he is on leave, he takes a family vacation to the beach. On the way, there are signs to see “The Thing” and his children beg and plead until he gives in. While he and his family are viewing “The Thing”, Del realizes what the creature actually is and calls in to his superiors. They stage a rescue operation and after his rescue, “The Thing” tells Del his life story…

‘The Thing Down the Road’ is a truly terrifying tale of torture and what a person is capable of given an untenable situation. At first, the reader would assume the characters are human and “The Thing” is some other type of being, but never assume. The author has created a story which will totally turn your definition of humanity on its ear. Even though ‘The Thing Down the Road’ is only a short 48 pages, it is richly detailed and you are drawn quickly into the story. It was amazing how quickly the characters came to life and you could see the developing relationship blossom as the time passed. ‘The Thing Down the Road’ will capture your imagination and chill you to the bone. It is indeed an excellent story!

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