Book Review: Protocol 7 by: Armen Gharabegian

Rating: 4/5

Publisher: Arctica Studios LLC

Publish Date: January 5, 2012 

Origins: From Agent/Publicist for Review

Format: E-book

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Synopsis: 2039: Simon Fitzpatrick, a brilliant Oxford professor, grieves over the recent and mysterious death of his father Oliver, who has disappeared in Antarctica. An unexpected friend from Simon’s past appears on his doorstep with an encrypted message from Oliver, leading him to believe his father may still be alive. Simon soon embarks on a mission which takes him half way around the world in search of his Father.

A recent quarantine of Antarctica by the United Nations makes his journey almost impossible and dangerous. Through this perilous journey to find his Father, Simon uncovers a conspiracy beyond his imagination; a revelation of global consequence and one of the greatest secrets ever kept.

Review: Oliver Fitzpatrick, a brilliant scientist, is lost in Antarctica and now declared dead. The UN has quarantined Antarctica, evacuating everyone and sealing it off. Simon, who is Oliver’s son, receives information about his father – he’s alive, but captive. Now it’s up to Simon to gather a group of friends who have special skills to rescue his father…in Antarctica. Is Simon ready to learn the truth of his family and why Antarctica was quarantined? Does he have what it takes to mount a desperate and dangerous rescue mission?

‘Protocol 7’ is chock-full of action, adventure, suspense, slick tech, and secrets. The story follows Simon and the search for his father. What Simon doesn’t realize is there is so much more to not only his father, but to the world itself, to which he is ignorant. The world of 2039 is fascinating and if you think Big Brother is watching now, it’s nothing compared to how easily tracked you are in the future. I enjoyed the action-packed story and the author created some very interesting characters in ‘Protocol 7’, both “good” and “bad”. I do hope we learn more about the foundation and tenets of the secret groups which were discovered throughout the story. Be warned – at the end of the book we’re left with a really big cliffhanger. ‘Protocol 7’ is a wild ride and I have to wonder what the author has in store for Simon and his friends next…

Arctica Trilogy: Protocol 7 (1)


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