Book Review: Southern Bound by: Stuart Jaffe

Rating: 4/5

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Publish Date: June 11, 2012

Origins: From Author for Review

Format: E-book

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Synopsis: It was supposed to be a new beginning - good job, good pay, and a lovely home in North Carolina.

But when Max Porter discovers his office is haunted by the ghost of a 1940s detective, he is thrust neck-deep into a world of old mysteries and dangerous enemies.

One in which ghosts, witches, curses, and spells exist. One in which a simple research job can turn deadly.

Review: Max and Sandra Porter are trying to start over in North Carolina. Max has gotten a job as a researcher for a mysterious employer who works through a middleman. There are a lot of rules about his new job, but for the pay, he’s willing to go along…for the most part. A startling discovery will have his priorities shifting and things may hit just a little too close to home for the Porter’s comfort.

‘Southern Bound’ is a fast-paced and charming part gothic/part hard-boiled mystery. There is murder, mayhem, Nazis, magic, ghosts, and witches, set among the rich historical backdrop of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I loved the complex characters, especially Sandra and Marshall Drummond. There are numerous twists and turns, but they don’t confuse you, they only draw you deeper into the mystery. Max’s instincts and talent as a researcher serve him well, especially when he didn’t think things could get any weirder than Marshall – the ghost of a 1940s detective who has been trapped by a spell for decades. By the end, the pieces fit seamlessly together and I was very satisfied with the conclusion, as well as the story as a whole. I’m interested to see where Mr. Jaffe will take this trio of characters in their next adventure!

Max Porter Mysteries: Southern Bound (1), Southern Charm (2)


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