Book Review: The Path Not Chosen by: Q.C. Masters

Rating: 3/5

Publisher: Shadoe Publishing

Publish Date: November 23, 2012

Origins: From Author for Review

Format: Trade Paperback

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Synopsis: What do you do when you meet someone who changes everything you know about love and passion?

Paige Harlow is a good girl. She's always known where she was going in life: top grades, an ivy league school, a medical degree, regular church attendance, and a happy marriage to a man. So falling in love with her gorgeous roommate and best friend Alyssa Torres is no small crisis. Alyssa is chasing demons of her own, a medical condition that makes her an outcast and a family dysfunctional to the point of disintegration make her a questionable choice for any stable relationship. But Paige's heart is no longer her own. She must now battle the prejudices of her family, friends, and church and come to peace with her new sexuality before she can hope to win the affections of the woman of her dreams. But will love be enough?

Review: Paige Harlow is leaving her small farming town to go to college, majoring in pre-med. She’s scared, excited, and totally unprepared for what she will soon be facing. Paige realizes she is falling in love with her female roommate, Alyssa, which goes against the teachings of her church and her upbringing. Yet, after much internal discussion and on the advice of others, she is willing to walk away just to be with Alyssa. Will Alyssa and Paige’s love be enough overcome their personal demons so they can find lasting happiness?

Please Note: ‘The Path Not Chosen’ does contain explicit sexual scenes between two consenting adult women.

‘The Path Not Chosen’ is a very quick and engaging read, in fact, I read it in about an hour. I felt myself identifying with both Paige and Alyssa. Their relationship is complex and so new, it feels so special and because of this, they don’t necessarily want to share the knowledge with others. I liked how Paige tried to live like Alyssa in regard to her medical condition, doing everything she could to make Alyssa feel included. There is always tension in a new relationship, flares of jealousy, and misunderstandings, which were depicted realistically by the author. I can see pieces of my first long-term relationship in how Paige and Alyssa are with each other. I enjoyed the pacing, the characters, and especially their time in Spain. The descriptions were so detailed, I felt as if I were there with them. One thing which did take away from the story somewhat is how quickly and abruptly the book ended. I hope the author will visit Paige and Alyssa again in the future to fill in some of the details which were skimmed over in the ending. Overall, I enjoyed ‘The Path Not Chosen’ and the realistic depiction of Alyssa and Paige’s growth and relationship.


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