Book Review: Opal by: Kristina Wojtaszek

Rating: 5/5

Publisher: World Weaver Press

Publish Date: December 18, 2012

Origins: From Publisher for Review

Format: E-book

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Synopsis: White as snow, stained with blood, her talons black as ebony...

In this retwisting of the classic Snow White tale, the daughter of an owl is forced into human shape by a wizard who’s come to guide her from her wintry tundra home down to the colorful world of men and Fae, and the father she’s never known. She struggles with her human shape and grieves for her dead mother—a mother whose past she must unravel if men and Fae are to live peacefully together.

Trapped in a Fae-made spell, Androw waits for the one who can free him. A boy raised to be king, he sought refuge from his abusive father in the Fae tales his mother spun. And when it was too much to bear, he ran away, dragging his anger and guilt with him, pursuing shadowy trails deep within the Dark Woods of the Fae, seeking the truth in tales, and salvation in the eyes of a snowy hare. But many years have passed since the snowy hare turned to woman and the woman winged away on the winds of a winter storm leaving Androw prisoner behind walls of his own making—a prison that will hold him forever unless the daughter of an owl can save him.

Review: An owlet, waiting for her mother to return, is found by a wizard and changed into a human girl. The girl, unused to two legs, speech, and of course being human is set on a journey to discover the truth about her origins and heritage. Paralleling the owl girl’s story is the story of Androw, a boy who goes into the forest to escape his abusive father and perhaps find the Fae of his mother’s stories. Both are fascinated by a woman whose skin was white as snow and hair as black as coal…

‘Opal’ is an intriguing twist on the ‘Snow White’ fairy tale. Ms. Wojtaszek has given her readers a new interpretation of a classic fairy tale – whether you know the Disney or the original version. At this time the Fae are a dying breed – there are few full-blooded Fae left in the world due to the aggression of mankind. The author’s writing has a way of haunting your thoughts long after you finish the book. I got lost in the story because the imagery was so vivid and the characters were intriguing. I don’t want to give away too much, as this book is such a treat to read. I sincerely hope to read more of Ms. Wojtaszek’s work in the future!

Series: Opal (1), Obsidian (2)


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